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Aesthetic Feedback

The only things i would do now, is make the back button on the windows more like the one that you made in the Mac version, to keep consistency. Also, give the address box a bigger height and font, maybe 28px for the height and 16px for the font. Having the favicon on both the tab and the address box is redundant, so a simpler design would be to just show it just in one area. The last ones with the darker background look significantly better than the lighter design.

Since the address bar is also a search bar, shouldn't it also be rounded in FF 4?

I just don't see why you would make the windows version have the navigation buttons and the address box floating above the bar but have the mac version embedded into the bar, wouldn't that break consistency? Why does the mac theme also keep the triangle on the navigational buttons if the windows version changed them into actual arrows.

--— Edson Ayllon [twitter] 19:45, 2 October 2009 (UTC)