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Telegram is a popular multi-platform messaging tool heavily used by Mozilla community for sync chat and updates.

This page aims to list all mozilla groups and channels (and the linked IRC channels).


Group Description Owner Invitation IRC channel linked
Add-ons Support for extensions, themes, plugins and add #addonschat #addons
B2G OS Discussions about B2G OS Sai Karthik Karra Ask owner or member
Firefox OS Hacking Foxfooding and hacking on Firefox OS Ioana Chiorean Ask owner or member
IoT Mozillians talk about IoT Dietrich Ayala Open Group join here #iot
MozGamers Mozillians who play games! Elio Qoshi Ask owner or member
Mozilla Community Design Conversations around design, working in progress for proposals or needs, ux etc. Ask owner or member
Mozilla Mixed Reality Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for the open web. Ranjith Raj Vasam Open Group join here
Mozilla Reps Conversations about the Reps program Ioana Chiorean Ask owner or member #remo
Mozilla Social Champions Conversations about the Mozilla Social Champions Sierra Reed Ask owner or member
Mozilla VR Conversations about the WebRV program Ram Dayal Vaishnav Invitation link
mozilla-videol10n Mozilla subtitle community at Amara Irvin Chen Add here or ask @Irvin #videol10n (not synced for now)
Mozillian WebDevs About web development Michael Kohler Ask owner or member
Mozillians General mozillians chat Irvin Chen Add here or ask @Irvin #mozillians-chat (temp. broke due to supergroup migrate)
Nightly Testers Target Audience is those interested in Nightly Desktop and Android. We discuss testing of new and experimental features and basically anything going on related to Nightly. Marcia Knous Invitation link #nightly
Participation Systems Feedback and conversation with the Open Innovation Participation Systems team Henrik Mitsch add #participationsystems or ask @hmitsch #participationsystems
QA BuddyUp Conversations around testing BuddyUp Firefox OS App Ioana Chiorean Ask owner or member
Quality Assurance & Mozillians Conversations around testing @ Mozilla Ioana Chiorean Ask owner or member
RAL's @ FSA Program Conversations about the FSA program Kumaresan.C.S Ask owner or member
Remo Mentors Conversations around Mentors' duties, ideas etc Arturo Martínez Ask owner or member
SensorWeb SensorWeb community. Evan Tseng Ask @evanxd
SensorWeb TW SensorWeb community in Taiwan. Evan Tseng Ask @evanxd
Space Frontiers Community space Initiative manager / keyholders Bob Chao ask current community space keyholders or @brianking
Swarm Conversations around Swarm App, tips and tricks for stickers etc.. Ioana Chiorean Ask owner or member
Womoz Women in Mozilla Ioana Chiorean Ask owner or member

Local/Locale Groups

Group Description Owner Invitation IRC channel linked
Mozilla Delhi Open Community Active group to help out contributors and collaborate with volunteers for future sessions Shashank Kumar (Volunteer)
MozBalkans Conversations around communities in Balkans Ioana Chiorean Ask owner or member
Mozilla AP & Telangana Mozilla Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Communities Dyvik Chenna Invitation link
Mozilla Karnataka Conversations for Mozilla Karnataka volunteers Abhiram Ravikumar Join here
Mozilla Brasil Conversations for Mozilla Brasil volunteers Fabricio Zuardi Invitation link #mozilla-br
Mozilla Bulgaria Mozilla Bulgaria Telegram group stoyan join link #mozilla-bg
Mozilla Hispano Conversations for Mozilla Hispano volunteers Nukeador Ask owner or community mentor
Mozilla India Conversation about Mozilla India Tripad Mishra Ask in #india-chat or any member #india-chat
MozItalians Conversations around Mozillians activity and development in Italy Daniele Scasciafratte ask @mte90 #italian, #developers-it (not linked but same people)
Mozilla Kerala Telegram Supergroup for Mozilla Kerala shine Invitation Link
Mozilla México Conversation about Mozilla Mexico Luis A. Sanchez Romero Invitation link #mozilla-mexico
MoRo Conversations around mozillians activity in Romania Ioana Chiorean Ask owner or member
Mozilla Switzerland Conversations around Mozillians activity in Switzerland Michael Kohler Ask @MichaelKohler, a member or in on IRC
MozTW Conversation about Mozilla Taiwan Community RJ Hsiao Please join here
Mozilla Tamilnadu Conversations about Mozilla Tamilnadu Community and mentoring new contributors Viswaprasath Ask owner or community mentor #MozillaTN
Mozilla Thailand Community Mozilla Thailand Community Telegram group chengings Invitation link
Mozilla Venezuela Conversation about Mozilla Venezuela Arturo Martínez

Alexander Salas

Miguel Useche

Invitation link #mozillave
ReMo-zh Reps who speaks Chinese Irvin Chen Ask @Irvin or member
WebVR India Conversations about the WebRV program Ram Dayal Vaishnav Invitation link


Channels are the way to broadcast messages to large audiences, you join a channel and get notified about new announcements.

Channel Description Owner
Mozilla Reps Announcements about the Reps program Reps Council
Mozilla Add-ons Announcements about the Mozilla Add-ons Mozilla Add-ons Blog
Mozilla Tamil Nadu Updates from Mozilla Tamil Nadu community Mozilla Tamilnadu
Mozilla Kerala Announcements about the Mozilla Kerala Community program Mozilla Kerala

Telegram-IRC Bot

In order to link a Telegram channel with an IRC channel using @mozillaIRCbot, please follow these steps:

  • Create and register IRC channel (see IRC#Registering_a_channel)
  • Create a Telegram channel
  • On Telegram, invite @mozillaIRCbot to the new channel
  • Send the following message to @mauricio (aka @mautematico)
Hi @mauricio, 

could you please be so kind and add another IRC bot integration with Mozilla IRC:

IRC Channel: #<your-channel-here> channel
Telegram Channel: <your-channel-here>

Thank you so much!
  • Wait for @mautematico to get back to you.
  • Enjoy!