ThePhoenixBird report August 2011

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Reporter User:ThePhoenixBird
Date August 2011
Recruits 1
Past Items As expected August was a really busy month for me, studing for the last exams took all my time, yet i managed to scratch a few hours from my schedule in order to attend to the 7th Debian Day in my city on a local university UCLA (Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado) organized by the Debian Community of said university, there i was able to meet interesting people, some of then that i had already met on the previous CNSL and now i had more time to introduce them into MozillaVenezuela to join us, i had time to chat with the attenders about the recent release of Firefox 6 and the new version for Android phones! Photos of the event at the end of the report.

Also, found that my writting skills are of good use, when i have some time i write a couple of articles about the most recent news, just got one published in Mozilla-Hispano, hope to write more of them and get them published both in MozillaVenezuela and Mozilla-Hispano.

Next Items There is no planned activities for September since im going to attend to summer courses on the university.

Link: Me, speaking with the public about Firefox and other Mozilla projects

Link: Answering questions

Link: Giving away some swag to the attenders

Link: Same as above

Link: The Firefox "Magic Bag of Tricks" (Felix The Cat)

Link: This cute girl pose with us for a wonderful picture

Link: The cake wasnt a lie after all! We had Choco-Debian Cake!!!