ThePhoenixBird report July 2011

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Reporter User:ThePhoenixBird
Date July 2011
Recruits 1
Past Items June ended with my attendance to the National Congress of Free Software here on my city, there i met a lot of interesting people and had time to speak with the attenders, many of them didnt knew that Firefox 5 was released at that time and introduced them to the new features it had, i joined into MozillaVenezuela Community unifying all the Moz Reps in a single community in order to coordinate our activities and grow up as a team to spread Firefox in our country.

During the rest of July things werent so much active as i was still on semester at the university so between exams and laboratory duties i writed some articles about Mozilla to get published on some of them got into the front page and a few ones still needs some review from the rest of the members.

Im used to go to the university with my Firefox/Mozilla T-Shirts, i think of it as a great "passive way" to promote Firefox on my campus, since people always ask me how did i got this shirts and if im related to Mozilla/Firefox im always open to reply their questions and introduce them to MozillaVenezuela Community.

Im looking foward into to more in the next month!

Next Items During August wich seems to be a very busy month for me (end of semester at the university, last exams stress) im looking foward to recruit a few more friends at my local community, to get them involved, not just to iddle and read the mailinglist but to reply, ask, and encourage them to post their ideas on the wall, also i got a word from a friend that Debian Day is comming and they will have cake for the attenders, wonder if they will let me join :P