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Reporter User:ThePhoenixBird
Date March 2012
Recruits 1
Past Items As commented on the last report, i was invited to participate on the Document Freedom Day 2012 on my city (Barquisimeto), the event has held on a local university: Universidad Politécnica Territorial Andres Eloy Blanco (UPTAEB) GoogleMaps the attendance to the event was mainly of students of the university, the talk went smoothly and well accepted byt the students who were focused on the dinamic slides made with HTML5 and displayed on the Firefox browser, HTML5 Videos, CCS3 and other tricks were shown to capture the audience attention towards new technologies an standards, at the end of the talk i went through the source code of the slideshow to show the students how was the slides made of. This small event was great for me, since i was able to confirm my skills and polish my speech for the upcoming events on April/May.

Also i was able to meet other two members of Mozilla Venezuela during this event, they are quite active on the mailing list so we used this event to meet each other, talk about MozVe and future projects.

Pictures of the Event: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Next Items Im really looking forward to the MozCamp 2012 in Buenos Aires, its my first time traveling so far to a foreign country (even when its still on the same continent) so im really excited and nervous at the same time, so im practicing a bit my english to be able to not only talk with foreign members of Mozilla but also to listen to most of the talks of the MozCamp 2012.

Also, i had confirmations to both of my talks on the FLISOL 2012 on 28th of April (just after MozCamp!) and CNSL on May 11th, i have spoken with the coordinators of the events and i have secured the morning spots for my talks to get the most people possible to assist.

The FLISOL 2012 will be held on the Yacambu University, on Cabudare (abou 30 mins driving from my city) on the same state [1] and the CNSL 2012 will be held on the "Flower of Hannover" wich is a eco-friendly cultural museum with an auditorium with a capacity for 3000 people! the place is surrounded with gardens of orchids (i will take tons of pictures of this) here is a picture of the auditorium inside on the past CNSL2010 pic

Next two months will be really important! and BUSY!!!