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Reporter User:ThePhoenixBird
Date November 2011
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Past Items HackingDay111111 [1]

As mentioned before i was invited to attend to the Hacking Day 111111 as a expositor in the city of Acarigua in Venezuela, i quickly got my bagpack and slides prepared to travel in bus, i got some slides prepared for it since many of the attenders were students, i focused my presentation into introducing Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Firefox, its features and how to contribute as developers joining an existing community, there was a previous talk about HTML5 so it was easy to introduce the whole presentation as it was made on HTML5/CSS3, the public was surprised to see the slides running inside Firefox 8 (just released!) and watching the source code for all, i even gave them the source code of the slides so they could experiment with it.

It was my first time giving a full presentation, it was a really gratificating experience, im looking forward to do it again and even better!!!

Conferences summary: [2]

Preparations before the start: [3] [4]

HTML5 talk held by another expositor: [5]

Final touches to the slides: [6]

And here we go: [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

Event organizers: [12]

Group Photo: [13] [14]

Full Album: [15]

Next Items Not much planned during December due holidays, but i will keep in touch with the Web team at Mozilla Venezuela and finish our rework of the website.