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Warning signWarning: This page is infrequently updated. For current module information refer to the Module System for up-to-date information on core responsibilities. Refer also to Contributing and Get-involved for information regarding contributing.

Thunderbird Core Team

The Thunderbird Core Team are people who are typically actively involved with Thunderbird on a weekly basis, and are close enough to the project to have a major influence on direction. The Thunderbird Council reviews this list and decides membership, and will review this list on a regular basis (most recent update in March 2019).

Core Contributors (in alphabetical order by first name or nick name)

  1. Jason Evangelho <>: Community Engagement Manager
  2. Wayne Mery (wsmwk) <> / <>: Release manager for Thunderbird releases, key bug triager, Community Manager.

Regular contributors (in alphabetical order by first name)

  1. Alfred Peters: Contributes to MIME, news, and triaging bugs.
  2. Alice White: Master regression finder.
  3. Gene Smith: Contributes to IMAP, knows all the different vendors inside-out.
  4. Markus Adrario (:taraman): Contributor to Calendar, reviewer.
  5. Sebastian Hengst (Aryx): Contributes widely throughout Mozilla.
  6. Stefan Sitter <>: Bug triager for the Lighting calendar add-on.
  7. Tooru Fujisawa (arai) <>: Helps keeping Thunderbird's JavaScript code up-to-date with core changes.