Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2010-03-09

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Agenda and Notes

  • 3.0 conversion funnel
    • Effort to convert higher percentage of downloaded builds into users, aka increase uptake. Rafael is driving project.
  • Notes
    • Finalizing survey, launching later today on Download Thank You and Start page
    • Working through details of funnel cake builds

  • 3.1b1
    • Code froze last week. Haven't got locale change set yet. Waiting on sipaq. Hope to get change set from him today.
  • Notes
    • shipping today

  • 3.1 / 3.1b2
    • dmose making a fast pass removing non-blockers from list. Resulting list makes it look like we're on a good path to shipping 3.1
  • Notes
    • 29 blockers
    • ludo: need traction on bug #525537 asuth/mkato
  • 3.0.4
    • Next gecko 1.9.1.x build is coming out March 30, which makes that a date for us to shoot for. We may or may not need to do a release off that build, depending on security issues and 3.0.3 feedback.
  • Notes
  • 2.0.24 builds are done and will be released around March 12.
  • Notes
    • n/a