Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2010-05-04

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  • dmose

Agenda and Notes

  • 3.1b2
    • QA finished; a few things found, no respin needed
    • bouncer entries are set
    • waiting on extension compatibility updates
      • folder columns (jminta hopes to update today, central time; tester needed)
      • compact header (mail sent to herb)
  • 3.1rc1 / 3.1
    • Semantics of "needed+": needed for 3.1 _or_ 3.1.x
    • Approach to polish bugs vs. current blocker rules
    • Tentative 3.1rc1 schedule proposed, assuming 3.1b2 release of 5th May and feeling on blockers
      • bienvenu, Standard8, dmose to go through triage round later today & set schedule
    • Need to be getting the website updated now, as very short time for l10n to complete changes, i.e. 4 weeks.
      • Need to have call with rebron tomorrow
      • Need to look into improving website l10n process, probably post 3.1
  • 3.0.5
    • Ludo will be on vacation when next gecko release comes out (May 13th), so we might delay 3.0.5. Or find some other way of getting the QA done.
    • Standard8 may get a build to testers later this week; release a few days after
  • 3.0 conversion funnel
    • Awaiting results from funnelcake