Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2010-06-08

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Agenda & Notes


    • automated updates schedule
    • RC2 build started
    • Signature started
    • Builds ready in 2/3 hours.
  • Lightning should have b2 out today
  • Website not up yet to be checked after the status call
    • Release notes not completely ready
    • tomorrow to localizers
  • Missing locale for 3.1
    • Slovenian is not an issue while macedonians are
    • We need to either
      1. Ping the Ff team to find localizer or via the start page
      2. Offer updates to en-US, if we don't find anyone
    • Action Item for Sipaq to ping the Ff team (standard8 to coordinate)
  • Automated schedule : Allow a week before we EOL.


  • We should write down the next steps
  • Summary of last week
    • Try do a much faster iterations on "alphas" 1/week to 1/month
    • very Agile so we can test new features
    • No locales for those "weekly" "Alphas"
  • dmose to draft and communicate
  • Bryan to update the UX-Prio page and Bugzilla (focus next few months more then next version).
  • Plan for next few weeks is to have Trunk pretty much stable, and move closer to what's being done on mozilla-central.


  • Security list to approve if we ship before Firefox
  • We are waiting on ETA for 3.6.4 from MoCo

3.0 conversion funnel

  • XP vs. Vista/7 conversion difference