Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2010-06-15

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Agenda & Notes

  • 3.1(.x)
    • automated updates schedule:
      • Release mid-late June. (June 22/23)
      • Wait for uptake & feedback. Guess: min 2 weeks
      • late-June, mid-July, offer prompted MU to 3.0 users.
      • Wait for uptake & feedback. May be able to go a bit faster, so 1 week.
      • early-late July, offer prompted MU to 2.0 users.
    • Issues: feel like we're going to want to plan to slip in a 3.1.1 soon after 3.1 and before offering MU, could delay things by a week or two.
    • Waiting on l10n feedback from pascal for the website
    • Venkman update - Standard8 to file bug & add to checklist
  • 3.0.5
    • Thursday release needs checking with Firefox
      • suspect they will not want it
      • Standard8 will propose something to the planning/security groups if that's the case
  • 3.0 conversion funnel
    • XP vs. Vista/7 conversion difference