Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2010-06-29

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Agenda & Notes

  • 3.1(.x)
    • 3.1 final shipped!
      • no new bad quality issues surfaced
    • MoCo build capacity issues: 2.0.0.x machines decommissioned
    • 3.1.1
  • 3.2
    • Limited progress made on trunk issues.
    • Add-on manager and attachments the main things that currently need resolving.
      • bienvenu fixed attachments & MDN bugs
      • dmose talked to ehsan re image pasting bug bug 490879
      • Looking forward to landing of bsmedberg's XPCOM registration breakage bug 568691
    • dev-process changes posted to tb-planning last week; no comments received
  • 3.0.x
    • 3.0.6 should be mid-late July, mainly expecting just a platform update.
    • Starting to revisit 3.0.x blocking lists and cut down on what we really won't take now.
  • 3.0 conversion funnel
    • XP vs. Vista/7 conversion difference
      • numbers believed to be consistent with firefox
      • volumes and percentages both varying; not clear as to why
        • rebron to monitor with upcoming funnelcake
        • rebron to try to drill into with future survey question