Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2011-03-01

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Agenda & Notes

  • Miramar (3.3)
    • Alpha 3
      • Trunk closed, but will re-open today either by getting the fix landed or by fixing the mozilla-central version.
      • Waiting on a few patches to be landed (tab reordering, Account Wizard rework being the main two).
      • Hopefully cut this week.
    • Beta 1 will follow when account provisioning can be landed.
  • Account Provisioning, Open Search, & priorities
    • Beta 1: Account provisioning
      • New release up on AMO, not yet reviewed
      • User test builds just awaiting signing, after which:
        • (bwinton to talk to clarkbw)
        • in front of Firefox beta users (rebron)
      • Still open question of if we're just going to land in en-US (and en-GB?) for 3.3.
    • Beta 2: Open Search
      • anonymized tracking of searches has been added, lots not yet reviwed
      • gozer to make summarized version public
  • Stability & Security Releases
    • 3.1.8 being released today.
    • Removing old Thunderbird 2 download page from website, as it is really obsolete now bug 637611
  • Conversion funnel
    • Waiting on 3.1.8 build (no change).


bwinton, dmose, gozer, Ludo, rebron, rolandtanglao, Standard8