Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2011-04-12

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Agenda & Notes

  • Account Provisioning, Open Search, & priorities
    • Meeting with a third party went well.
    • They want a way to set defaults for a build they distribute.
  • Miramar (3.3)
    • Resyncing with Firefox 5.0 release.
    • Lots of release mechanics to think about.
    • We probably shouldn't use Aurora to do our development work on.
      • We might need more hardware for the new branches.
      • We would still have the canary system to tell when to pull m-c into c-c.
    • Should we jump on the repo train for 3.3?
      • We don't know, but we're leaning towards yes.
      • Bugs will be filed.
  • Stability & Security Releases
    • Revised schedule, starting builds this week.
  • Conversion funnel
    • Need to co-ordinate with Sancus.
    • Talked to someone on metrics about looking at numbers.