Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2011-04-19

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Agenda & Notes

Account Provisioning, Open Search, & priorities

  • Moving along slowly.
  • Got interest from a new paid provider.

General Release Train Thoughts

  • It is probably best to mirror the FF channels - central, aurora, beta and release.
    • L10n then just be able to follow along the same idea as FF.
    • We keep the same structure of branches, and we don't have L10n confused by the fact we're only stable when we get to beta.
    • Actual structure of repos
      • Maybe two repos, one m-c, one c-c.
      • Maybe one repo with c-c and m-c merged.
    • We will need canary if we have a central/nightly channel.
  • Getting to the next release and on the train.
  • Firefox schedules:
    • 17 May: 5.0 merges from aurora to beta, 6.0 merges from central to aurora.
    • 21 June: 6.0 merges from aurora to beta, 7.0 merges from central to aurora.
    • 22 June: 5.0 releases.
  • Thunderbird schedule proposal (very draft):
    • Depends on what we can do from l10n perspective.
    • Restrict check-ins from 3rd May?
    • 10th May: String & feature freeze for Thunderbird.
    • 24th or 31st May: Miramar to beta channel, next version to aurora.
      • This gives l10n 2 or 3 weeks.
    • 28th June: Miramar release. Next version to beta channel. Next+1 to aurora.
      • L10n will have had 4 or 5 weeks.
    • 2nd August: Next version release (in sync with FF), Next+1 to beta, Next+2 to aurora.
      • L10n will have had 5 weeks.
    • Next cycle will get l10n full 6 weeks.

Stability & Security Releases

  • 3.1.10 out to beta. Looking reasonable so far.
  • Keeping an eye on Firefox issues.

Conversion funnel

  • Need to co-ordinate with Sancus.
  • Talked to someone on metrics about looking at numbers.


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