Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2011-08-02

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  • Standard8

Agenda & Notes

Thunderbird 5

  • 5.0 users are now in the majority.

Thunderbird 6

  • Release beta 2 today, maybe one or two more betas.
  • Release prep:
    • Add-ons
      • Compatibility bump work in progress
      • Should also make it easy for TB 7 as well.
    • Website
      • Some more things to features pages, swap some of screenshots to windows.
      • Release notes
    • L10n
      • Heading up to 44 locales, same as TB 5.
  • Release date?
    • Prob 16th August.

Thunderbird 7

  • Merges to beta on 16th August
  • Need compatibility bumps, Lightning, list of changes (Standard8).

Thunderbird 8

Feature Tracking


  • Maildir disabled by default initially, to be enable later.
  • Initial patch up for review

Account Provisioning, OpenSearch, & priorities

  • Documents written.
  • Reviews scheduled.
  • Code needs to be ported to core.

Test Pilot

  • We've got an index of tests on the Test Pilot server now.
  • Jim has ported his changes to the most recent Test Pilot code.
  • The next thing is probably to host that code somewhere so other people can test it.
  • Rafael talking to Harvey about to privacy, more complicated as we want it in the main product.

Stability & Security Releases

  • Next 1.9.2 release Aug 16th.
  • When do we stop supporting?
    • TBD, depends on various factors that we're watching.

Conversion funnel

  • Nothing to add



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