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This is the current, most likely incomplete, of all current possible infrastructure tasks related to Mozilla Messaging and Thunderbird.

Feel free to add items to this list if you can think of something that would help things along.

One category of work that probably needs it's own separate category/listing is test infrastructure. How do we go about running many instances of known servers (IMAP/SMTP/POP/News/Calendar) that we can provision on demand and reuse for automated testing. Testing Infrastructure ?

Task Priority Effort Bug(s) Completion
Host our own DNS P1 1d bug 439076
Host our own mail 4h
Setup automated short-term, jailed testing accounts for mail & calendar QA
Run our own jumphost/vpn server
Host our own web site: P2 < 1w
Run our own blog aggregator 1d bug 449252
Run our own phone system 1w bug 445826
Run Calendar buildbots on our own hardware 2d
Host all Thunderbird build boxes on our own hardware 3d
Host all Thunderbird release boxes on our own hardware 1w
Run our own download server Not needed  ??
Run our own update server bug 477275
Run our own own breakpad/crash-reports server  ?? bug 458909
Run our own SUMO server (  ?? bug 456861
Run our own Tinderbox server

This would be good because then we can give individuals access to specific trees (--Standard8)

Provide access to buildbot waterfall pages / make reconfig available 1d
May need our own l10n solution (this needs discussions)
Run our own ...

Note: time estimates are calculated in uninterrupted hour/days... Better use them for comparing relative effort.