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Point Releases

Team Members

High/Medium Priority:

  • Thunderbird drivers (thunderbird-drivers) to give decision.


  • Project Lead (TBD).

All Priorities:

Lead Backup
Project: TBD TBD
Security/Dev: TBD TBD
Build: gozer gozer

Release Procedure

  1. Create new page on Releases for the point release.
  2. Copy Releases/Checklist and link to from page in previous step.
  3. Follow steps on Releases/Checklist - relevant owner to strike out each step as it is performed.

Must Have

  • Do all relevant folks have permissions to access security bugs?
    • No. Standard8 doesn't have access to bugzilla or list, Ludovic doesn't have access to list.
  • Which checklist?
  • AV/firewall vendors - need more info.
    • Will poke SS
  • Release Notes
    • Who/what/when, where does l10n come into it?
  • How do we get the security centre updated? [1]


  • Point release and drivers could be a separate groups of people - therefore create a separate list release-drivers? (may be a good idea anyway to separate out the two types of email)
    • See how it goes using thunderbird-drivers
  • Do the project leads have un-moderated access to mozilla.announce.prerelease and mozilla.announce?
    • Poke MoCo guys more. Helps to be subscribed to the list.
  • Release checklist step "Notify mirrors of beta release - Project lead emails Justin" - need more info.
    • Asked gozer to find out
  • How much does Build:ReleasePolicy apply to us? How do we monitor/get details.
    • Asked gozer to find out.
  • Do relevant folks have access to update website?
    • Need to know who's doing it.
  • Do we need template announcements?
  • MDC DevNews - are we posting there, if so how?
    • Sent email asking.
  • Need to be aware that 1.9.1 may have different release schedules/targets, nightlies will presumably use latest 1.9.1, but releases will probably want to use tagged versions, or verify the fixes in between the latest tagged and where to release from.