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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? Standard8

Action Items


  • davida: reschedule meeting, to Wednesdays? - calendar folk will be on future status calls
    • davida is waiting until after 3.0b1 and calendar 0.9 to sort this out.


  • rebron: file a bug on getting an announcements feed going on (reassigned from davida)
  • everyone: look for delight bugs for the next release, put [delight] in status whiteboard
    • Note: still look for bugs, but removing from action list.

Thunderbird:Thunderbird 3.0b1

  • String freeze TODAY
    • Thunderbird has L10N builds
    • Thunderbird doesn't have L10n dashboard - gozer currently trying to set this up
      • (post meeting note: good progress today).
    • Account Configuration bug 422814
      • Moved out to B2
    • Inline Edit Card dialog
      • All expected strings for B1 landed.
    • Improved Message Reader View
      • One patch reviewed, needs some updates - will get in in time.
    • Password Manager
      • Moved out to B2
    • Better Faster IMAP bug 436615 (emre, et al)
      • UI patch to land today if possible (clarkbw/davida/bienvenu)
    • Birthday Field
      • Push this to land today.
  • go for string freeze? YES.
  • Freeze of strings only in mail/ and editor/ui
    • L10n schedule may need to be flexible depending on core string changes.
  • One week to code freeze for 3.0b1 (23rd September)
  • Release Document has been updated/extended with many more steps
  • Test day after string but prior to code freeze to check new features
    • items to test:
      • inline edit card (with stars)
      • message view redesign
      • Mac OS X address book integration
      • Birthday Field.
    • how to test and report?
      • Generally do wiki pages to track status of ongoing problems/issues with features so that we don't get duplicates working.
  • Standard8 is the release driver
  • wsmwk is the QA lead of Beta 1

Blockers / Wanted Bugs

  • Blockers/Wanted:
    • TB 3.0b1 - blocking: 22
      • Javascript message representation
        • The remaining work for news and unit tests moved out to beta 2.
      • Gloda
        • dmose & bienvenu need to review.
        • dmose to pass some message view work to davida to get review time.
        • Land as soon as possible.
      • Better fast imap
        • Land as soon as possbile, patches not too far off now.
      • Password Manager
        • Moved to beta 2.
      • Help applications locale bug 450038
        • Redirect en-US to
        • Fix up links tomorrow/soon.
        • Sort out localizer issues when we have time.
      • Spellcheck
        • Still on dmose's list to get an owner
      • Print Preview Card
        • Standard8 to pick this up, may require some security input.
      • Security caps / javascript content
        • Disable javascript in mailnews for beta 1.
        • Post beta 1 we'll decide what to do.
      • Start page for builds
        • Pages are coming soon.
      • bug 430614 Windows Search Integration
        • Needs work on UI, not going to make string freeze.
    • Not tracked in lists (core):
      • bug 454004 Ctrl+Home / Ctrl+End don't work in Mail Compose window - Roc has solution for this, just waiting to land.
      • bug 314160 Typing focus lost when using any Midas buttons/selects except text color/hightlight color
        • Mac only, no fix in sight.
      • bug 455217 Selection colors for plain text files is wrong (white background, blue text instead of blue background, white text)
    • TB 3.0b1 - wanted: 15
  • Proposed Blockers (b1): 0

Thunderbird 3

Main Bugs Progress

  • Account Configuration bug 422814 (davida)
    • Backend changes have been checked in
    • beta 1 discussion: concern about this making b1 given the work to be done, lack of usage to date, possible patch collisions
    • beta 1 idea: bring it in as experimental via pref, so ship 2 account configs
  • Password Manager bug 239131 (standard8)
    • LDAP patch waiting review (completes ldap changes) and update
    • Starting to look at rest of changes, i.e. smtp
  • Inline card dialog bug 450724 (standard8)
    1. Inline Edit Card dialog now avaliable via clicking and using menu option.
    2. Star UI: prototyped, need to do proper version, know what the UI wants to be, may be interative.
  • Improved Message Reader View bug 449691 (dmose)
    • Second patch posted for ui-review
  • Toolkit autocomplete migration bug 360648
    • Waiting on one ui-review from Beltzner mconnor
    • LDAP code needs doing - current proposed version seems to regress the SSL error on shutdown, needs the LDAP xpcom interface (between AB & LDAP c-sdk) reworking.
  • Gloda bug 450494 (asuth)
    • Review of first big 'drop' ongoing.
    • Investigating performance issues that would seem to be related to cycle collection.
    • Need to revamp indexing to work with Emre's auto-offline-sync. This primarily means letting the sync be responsible for getting message bodies, for gloda to more actively ensure things that should be indexed are indexed, and also be more gentle about it (adding info to the headers where appropriate.)
    • davida has proposed exposing gloda's full-text search support via the quick-search interface's "body text" support. AI:asuth:log the bug (and work the bug).

QA Updates

  • crash stats still in turmoil - some problems fixed, but some new...
    • report processing and query problems continue
    • because of c-stats' problems, can't be sure of TB trunk's crashiness - but 3.0b1pre shows only one crasher (nsTreeSelection::GetSingle) which is FIXED
  • last week bugday focus continued on Patch Love - 14 such bugs touched in last 2 weeks.


Status Updates

  • Going to mountain view tonight, talking to release engineering.
  • Reviews & Driving
  • Inline Edit Card Dialog
    • Now have the edit dialog and automatic add committed to trunk.
  • Toolkit Autocomplete
    • Prototyped LDAP autocomplete, new patch has issues (regresses) ssl shutdown behaviour.
  • Address Book
    • bug 452143 Phone Number being displayed wrongly in integrated Apple Addressbook. r/sr=bienvenu
    • bug 305434 Removed the obsolete nsLDAPPrefsService.js
    • bug 359716 Looked at upgrading LDAP c-sdk to 6.0.x again (very long standing want to do).
    • bug 455240 Fix card preview pane display updates when cards change on external interfaces (needs new patch).
  • Misc
  • gloda development
    • Investigated spidermonkey threading to understand ramifications of moving gloda indexer to its own thread. The js concurrency turns out not to be a huge problem, it's just the general lack of thread-safety in mailnews and the high costs of proxying combined with a frequent need to proxy.
    • Investgiated sqlite threading ramifications with regard to async and concurrent access by main/async threads.
    • Now uses asynchronous storage functionality for all post-init db writes. Resumed using transactions under async mode to boot.
    • Should no longer crash at shut down, generally cleans up after itself.
    • Index per-message subjects now too.
    • Index attachment names, ignoring bogus attachments. (Attachments whose names are "Part 1.*".)
  • gloda-related debugging
    • found/fixed crasher in mozStorage async
    • trying to assist in debugging by using chronicle-recorder (roc's valgrind based super-logger/debugger) against unit tests. Made a minor (but annoying to track down) bugfix to chronicle-query, and various bugfixes/enhancements to my chroniquery python binding/tool.
  • Reviews and driving
  • Some work on auto config, including landing the backend work in comm-central
  • Worked with gloda, fixed a couple minor problems
  • Worked with the IMAP preemptive download patch
  • Worked on the js folder pane patch
  • Fixed stack overflow in nsMsgHdr::GetIsKilled, bug 454298
  • Fixed crash opening imap messages with inline images, bug 450461
  • Worked on
    • bug 436615: new patches, still in reviewing process
      • Sample strategy add-on included for testing
    • bug 452615: landed
  • Working on
    • bug 440794: Async send operation
      • Made some progress. Working on saving and reopening the emails.
    • bug 439089: Auto-compacting
      • No progress last week.
  • Lightninig/gdata builds 95% working!
    • OS X builds are still failing bug 455512 (mozilla/dist/thunderbird/
    • Nightly builds finally went green yesterday evening, but they are clobbering each other. File names of generated .xpi don't include the platform
  • l10n Dashboard
    • Carbon-copy is live:
    • Needs to get the buildbot master up and running (update: it's running)
      • Dependencies, dependencies, dependencies
      • Requires : buildbot-0.7.8, python-2.5, Mako, different buildbotcustom, ...
  • Apple XServe is up and running!
    • VMWare Fusion runs OS X Server virtualized great
    • DNS is ready
    • Awaiting transfer from current owner
    • Will be installing Drupal
  • In toronto for Firefox UX week
  • Met up with Seneca folks to do some Thunderbird hacking
  • Been working on Birthday UI, preferences, message reader.
  • Working with Firefox UX team to work out how to make things pretty.
  • Bugday and triage
  • checking what mailing lists and newsgroups to add/use for pre-release and testing, QA, etc - for example mozilla.announce.prerelease(ng)/announce-prerelease(ml)
  • preparing docs for QA of 3.0b1
  • Working web site redesign/update. The Royal Order and silverorange are on board to help.
  • Started L10n checklist for web site related items.
  • PR planning.
  • reviews
  • Finished bug 231654 [awaiting review] - make delete normally only apply to the threadpane - too easy to accidentally delete folder
  • bug 234665 - Delete button should re-text to "Undelete" when a deleted message is selected
  • bug 438375 - Default reply header should include timestamp


dmose, wsmwk, bienvenu, emre, asuth, clarbkw, KaiRo, standard8, davida, rebron, mkmelin, gozer