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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items

  • gozer to file bug re getting alpha bits signed
  • gozer to ping mrz about separate messaging crash-stats server
  • dmose to do another round of updates on reviewers



  • gozer to file bug re bouncer for alpha 3 bug 458904

Shredder Alpha 3

  • Shredder Alpha 3
  • Standard8 is the release driver
  • wsmwk is the QA lead of Beta 1
  • QA in progress (Localizations, Smoke Tests, Basic Functional Testing), against build3 respin:
  • Current release ETA: Monday
  • gozer: signing of bits process is still being figured out; working with firefox build/release team
  • kairo: for bouncer stuff, should file a bug ASAP to get necessarily lead time
  • Standard8: release notes in progress (bug 457186); people should proofread, gozer will push update.

Thunderbird 3

  • Draft Thunderbird:Thunderbird3:DevRoadmap identifies major work items on the plate for Tb3 -- much of it needs scheduling, owning, breakdown.
    • folks interested in helping with front-end stuff, some simple, should ask in #maildev
    • dmose, bienvenu, asuth focusing on GloDa work
  • bienvenu will be the primary driver for beta 1
  • davida working out landing strategy for remaining features

QA Updates

  • crash stats
    • 1.9.1-based Mac crashers mostly have symbols in crashes, but not all
    • The OSX/Intel problems can most likely worked around for the RC, by simply running dump_symbols repeatedly until it runs once without failing. bug 450485
    • should we have our own server?
      • gozer to talk to mrz
  • bugday last week 10-02 and this week 10-09 continue focus on trunk bugs. chart
  • thunderbird-testers operating and now up to 53 members! (public mailing list to inform the testing community)


  • folks encouraged to run with gloda, lightning-in-tabs patches now, so they can get shake-out before they land. ping asuth if you're interested.
  • calendar work proposal from last meeting: pace work in short sprints
  • everyone encouraged to focus on highest-value stuff for Tb3, given the amount of work remaining

Status Updates

  • drove/blogged renaming of 3.0b1 to 3.0a3
  • worked on adding recipient info to collapsed header view and sharing of buttons between both views
  • lunch w/lisad & myk about webmail standard
  • correspondence with XMPP community folks
  • various driving stuff
  • gloda review work
  • Tested emre's leak patch and asuth's gloda / exptoolbar extensions.
  • Would like to point out the ever-existing security exploits in JS. Just found one that affected JS. (specifically Shiretoko nightlies but indirectly TB with JS on, if it can be enabled)
  • Continuing bug cleanup. UNCO continues to remain below NEW.
  • kill-rdf testing and work
    • Subscribe dialog under review bug 457333, will land separately
  • Account type extensibility documentation
  • Will have long weekend, more time for TB work!
  • Reviews & Driving (trying to catch up this week)
  • Release Notes updates bug 457186 and bug 430762
  • bug 427980 Mail Bloat Test - Revised and updated patch, now in tree.
  • bug 308552 Worked out why Growl integration wasn't registering correctly and fixed.
  • bug 458692 Removed unused param from nsIMsgHeaderParser interfaces.
  • bug 458716 Fix return/escape on the inline edit card dialog
  • Started rapid-prototyping new nsLDAPConnection & friends to try and finally resolve the LDAP/SSL hang on shutdown, (the true cause of bug 382446)
  • tab changes for calendar, thunderbar search views bug 402365 (also see exptoolbar and gloda)
  • gloda shutdown cleanup; don't think it ever worked right since the last cleanup logic refactoring
  • processing gloda review comments, more to go. hoping to have them the current batch cleared out by sometime wednesday. See auto-generated docs here if you like that kind of thing. They will of course be improving as I fill dmose's request for thorough doxygen. (We have the goal of landing gloda this week.)
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Fixed assertion trying to restore selection to non-existent message, bug 457757
  • Checked in follow on fix for bug 444417, imap undo can cause hourglass, bail out on invalid imap urls early
  • Checked in fix for assertion about db having key in the case of partial uid fetches, bug 455963
  • Made a lot of progress on cross-folder saved search threading and grouping repo - will try to start review process today.
  • Worked on
    • bug 457342: Error handling improvement in auto-sync: Patch is submitted, waiting for review
    • bug 547452: Leaking on shutdown problem: Patch is submitted, waiting for review
    • bug 457784: autosync_offline_stores pref and offline inbox: Patch landed
    • bug 440794: Async send: Work in progress
  • Build Engineering
    • Thunderbird Beta 1 Build 1
    • Thunderbird Alpha 3 Build 2
      • Incorrectly tagged comm-central, excluding the jp patch we wanted ;-(
    • Thunderbird Alpha 3 Build 3
      • Still need completing the Build Notes & Post Mortem Notes
      • Ghetto automation kept it fairly straight forward, mostly completed in < 4 hours and little human intervention.
      • Entire process still too reliant on cut-n-paste
      • Cloning turned out to be a great idea.
      • Very few glitches (one broken locale needed fixing, retagging: 'ca')
      • Got a few build system improvements ideas to file as bugs for next time, mostly around l10n repackaging
  • L10N
    • Calendar on
    • SeaMonkey on
    • Very annoying it's impossible to link to a particular page
      • Anybody know how to do this with MIT's Simile Stuff ?
  • 0.something beta within the next couple of weeks
  • old eudora still works; but is long in the tooth
  • Continuing web site work. Updated timeline, going through content.
  • SpreadThunderbird work. Team decided the need to upgrade to Drupal 6.x because of feature set and theme support.
  • Drafting market segmentation w/ Mozilla Marketing team.
  • PR prep Alpha 3 and David's Paris trip.
  • bug 192330 - Ctrl+Shift+V for Paste Without Formatting
  • imap trash folder bugs - bug 427311 and bug 450712
  • bug 400931: Enable predefined IMAP settings for Gmail
  • bug 458601: port the full zoom UI to thunderbird
  • working on patch to hook up gtk stock icons for thunderbird menu items (no bug, yet)