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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • davida to look at status meeting agenda due to the drivers meeting that follows later in the morning.


Thunderbird 3 Beta 2

  • clarkbw is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Targeted Slushy Code Freeze (2)
    • dmose: bug 319037 — Provide default value for mailnews.localizedRe
    • asuth: bug 470329 — gloda indexer throttling logic needs to be adaptive
      • waiting on dmose's review queue
      • arguably not really a blocker
  • Targeted Frozen Code Freeze (2)
    • Standard8: bug 466527 — Setting the mail start page to non-redirects...
    • dmose: bug 374577 — Revise message CAPS policies...
      • basically done, waiting for tricky review
  • Unknown Targets (4)
    • clarkbw: bug 456829 — messagereader: honor font & color
    • davida: bug 257942 — (activitymgr) activity manager tracker
    • Standard8: bug 476700 — Activity Manager: Enable UI
      • Could land this today
    • Standard8: bug 121647 — POP/IMAP server passwords
  • Release Targets (2)
    • rebron: bug 477110 — What's New page for 3.0 Beta 2
    • clarkbw: bug 477103 — tracking bug for build and release of Beta 2
  • Firm code/string freeze: Tuesday 17th February 23:59 PST TODAY
  • l10n-mozilla-1.9.1 freeze: Thursday 19th February 23:59 PST
  • Testday: Friday 20th February

Thunderbird 3

QA Updates

  • We held a bugday last thursday, results were lower than the week before.
  • We are holding a Test day this friday.
  • Hope some UI for the activity manager shows up by then.
  • Too many FIXED bugs have in-testsuite? flag - no change since 2009-01-13
  • Litmus needs cleaning up
    • Maybe plan some sort of Litmus test day ?
  • Possible TB Beta 2 will be included in YaST for OpenSuse users.
  • Look into what it would take to move Litmus Tests into MozMill tests


Status Updates

  • activity mgr bugs
  • driving
  • getting windows vm happy again
  • started biking to work again
  • could we ship 3.0 against gecko trunk (or beta/nightly) and run a minor TB
 release once they release (javascript noted as a potential risk there)
  • js in mail hacking
  • localizedRe test writing
  • reviews
  • driving
  • strategy work
  • IMAP hang patch testing in bug 476960 with bienvenu.
  • Collaborating with gozer in bug 475972 - script to auto-get weekly fixed buglists.
  • Guided a new Thunderbird student developer to getting his first TB accessibility patch in bug 449560 - now waiting for dmose review.
  • Some word on JS front - testing new heavyweight JS function patch in bug 452498 by Brendan Eich, this JIT improvement should make it to Firefox 3.1 Beta 3, and eventually into Thunderbird.
  • QA stuff, bugdays, etc.

Non-goal activities:

  • Attended a birth
  • Reviews
  • Pottered about on a few bugs
    • bug 478571 Js warning fix related to move/copy in activity manager

Two week goals (start of week 2):

  • Recover and get used to having 2 children.
  • Implement send in background bug 440794
    • Delayed to beta 3, but will think about it after recovering.
  • Fix up the What's New page loading so that it can load css properly bug 466527
    • Proposed a fix, needs review/comment from dmose.
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Helped with some activity manager and autosync patches
  • Fixed bug 461052 don't let msg hdr buttons keep focus after applying command
  • Fixed problem parsing v-card, bug 473924
  • Landed fix for handling of imap folders with non-alphanumeric chars like # in name, bug 115091
  • Fixed bug 465939, mark folder read not clearing indications on collapsed threads
  • Fixed bug 478113, getcellvalue leaks strings.
  • Next week
    • Finish work on changing IMAP autosync to use STATUS to figure out if a folder has new messages instead of SELECT and full header+flag sync.
    • Deal with whatever b2 blockers arise.
    • Implement SelectMsgsFromHdrs function for davida.
    • Time permitting, pick up autoconfig work again.
  • Build
    • We have pooled builders on Linux
      • Linux non-unittest builders are in a pool
    • Landed jemalloc work by Standard8 bug 427627
    • Landed the big chunk of bug 452866 - Teach Socorro/crash-stats about comm-central
      • Coming to mozilla-1.9.1 after some baking
      • Will give us much nicer source links in crash reports
    • Buildbot still having too many slave dropouts
      • new error condition of the week: SlaveBuilder._ackFailed: SlaveBuilder.sendUpdate
  • Infrastructure
    • YVR office still has Internet connectivity issues [ISP says mid-month resolution, looks much better now]
    • YVR phones should send/recieve sound waves
    • AUS server is up and live bug 477275
      • Linux/Win32 trunk only
      • Automated process, still manually invoked
      • complete and partial updates (going 7 days back)
      • SSL
      • Landed for nightly trunk builds last night bug 478769
    • Recent irc conversation sparked interest in running our own crash-stats
  server. Will investigate running a test installation to start with.
  • driving
  • mac and linux theme updates
  • attempting to blog again
  • crash-stats issues
  • advising ludo
  • triage more threading, crash and profile bugs
  • close ~35 bugs
  • comment on closemes
philipp / Calendar
  • Website work, still on target to launch next week. Kinkora branch to merge on to the trunk on Friday.
  • pr/marketing Beta 2 work.
  • Got access to security-core bugs
  • Had proper access to Litmus report emails
  • Had a look at litmus - still need more investigation
  • Looking into QMO.