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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items




Thunderbird 3 Beta 3

  • Planned Freeze Dates - Updated ( All dates use time of 23:59 PST )
    • Slushy String freeze date: 2009-04-21 (Tuesday)
    • Slushy Code Freeze date: 2009-04-23 (Thursday)
    • Firm String / Code freeze date: 2009-04-28 (Tuesday)
    • l10n-mozilla-1.9.1 freeze date: 2009-04-30 (Thursday)
    • Target Build Ship date: 2009-05-05 (Tuesday)
  • dmose is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Five weekly milestones ([m1] - [m5]) have been created to help spread out b3ux feature work across the milestone and avoid lots of hard landings / misses at the end of the cycle.
    • mail sent to b3ux bug owners asking them to spread those bugs across the milestones
    • [m1] is today
    • [ m2 ] bug triage
      • bienvenu:
        • bug 471208 - Auto-Sync improvement: Using main window's Focus/Unfocus events as TB idle
      • asuth:
        • bug 466697 - Different tabs should allow different account collapse/expand state in folder pane,
        • bug 474701 - new search entry in default mail toolbar
        • Working on it. Mozmill testing of the front-end would/could be nice. Splitting the patch up in pieces might make sense and review easier.
      • Standard8:
        • bug 457296 - separate address list for addresses allowed to load remote images for email
        • bug 465577 - exception clicking on "Always allow images from ..." since Mac OS X address book is readonly
        • Looking good. Only question left is the one of backend storage. The main patch is complete, so it should be good for m2
        • davida noted that the implementation and the UI don't have to match, so it could appear to be in the same address book, but be stored elsewhere.
      • dmose:
        • bug 480623 - move compact message header view to an extension
        • The real idea here is would we rather ship a smaller set of higher-quality stuff? Moving things out of the tree and into extensions ?
        • davida pointed out that if you have that patch, you'll have hooks that might enable all sorts of other cool extensions
    • please update status whiteboard with status of your bugs for the next week's milestone by the end of each Thursday, dmose will poke these on Friday

Thunderbird 3

  • Please set bugs to assigned status (as well as owner to you) if you want to do them.
  • If you have other bugs assigned to you that you don't want to do, please reassign or discuss with drivers.

QA Updates

  • This weeks mark 1 year of Bug Days !!!!
  • Planning by week is a good thing - We hope not too much will slip for m5
  • Gloda - shall we ask our testers to switch to using it now ?
    • Basic feeling is that it's premature to do something like this. There is no user visible UI to test. Crashes, if any would be very hard to pinpoint, and, beside, asuth doesn't have the bandwidth to look at these.
    • Also worth noting, is that after landing the current m2 gloda bugs, the entire gloda database will need to be rebuilt.
    • The general idea was that it would be best to wait until the m2 changes lands, and gloda gets a UI before getting testers to enable gloda
  • Two upcoming test days for 3.0b3 - around m3 and m4
  • FFT planned starting around m5

Marketing Updates

  • Greater than 80% of Thunderbird users upgraded to from previous versions of Thunderbird in 5 days.
  • 35k users on Thunderbird 3 beta program.
  • Working through GetSatisfaction back log. Planning on adding support features to the web site by end of April -- new FAQs, search widget.
  • PR planning for Beta 3.
  • Pushing for some more action on SpreadThunderbird


Reminder: Google Summer of Code

Students start applying yesterday!

Reftest & crashtests


  • Previously didn't realise this was possible: running reftest and crashtest against Thunderbird.
  • They both use xul/html/xhtml files to test the layout parts of gecko.
  • Should we run them?
    • Against core code, so unlikely to get Thunderbird specific tests.
    • Tests already run by Firefox against the same core code.
    • reftest can take up to 20 minutes to run (longer tinderbox cycle times).
    • Only real boost would be confidence that code is doing what it is meant to do.
  • Suggestions:
    • Don't run against day-to-day Thunderbird tinderbox builds
    • Run against build candidates when preparing releases as a confidence that the build is correct.
    • Seamonkey is doing it already, so we could consider that good enough
    • (Possibility:) Once we have the capability to separate out tests & build, we could have a separate set of builders lined up and enable them only in the few days of code freeze before a release to gain extra confidence the build is working correctly (and gain a understanding of any intermittent failures).

Status Updates

  • office move done.
  • cold acquired.
  • Goals
    • 1 hr/day code reviews (done!)
      • finished Gloda review
    • drafted SF space plan (done!)
    • drive weekly milestone work (done!)
    • land message-header (more) patch (lots of progress; not done)
  • Non-goal activities
    • started working with Fallen on how MoMo can help on the parallel Lightning release
    • lots of community discussion work
    • plotted with humph on a way to make bugzilla friendlier to newbies
    • started discussion with QA folks on litmus performance
  • This week goals
    • land message-header (more) patch
    • drive compact-header discussion
    • 1 hr/day code review
    • work with calendar folks to draft MoMo help plan
    • schedule visits for SF space options
    • drive [m2]
  • QA discussions, liaising and networking around community.
  • Patchlove stalling - punting to future.
  • Reviews
  • Took a look back at some of our in-testsuite related bugs. Nominated a few extra for testcases. Will try and follow up on a test writing day this week.
  • bug 470907 Thunderbird always uses port 119 for NNTP, ignoring port configured in server settings.
  • bug 483593 Tidy up case-insensitive comments in nsAbMDBDirectory::CardForEmailAddress and extend unit test for insensitive options.
  • bug 483577 Find a way to make compiling mailnews with or without external api easier and set it up.
    • This got some of the patches lying around on my system into the code base.
  • Updated Bloat tests with Mozmill patch and attached to bug 458351 (previously just lived on my system). Raised some questions with mozmill team about how to do clean shutdown.
  • Goals progress:
    • bug 440794 Leverage Offline capabilities to make sending email appear faster
      • Committed initial patch to enable this, needs some rework as discussed in the bug.
    • bug 476487 Interactive Status Bar
      • Played around with possible implementation, nothing ready for review yet.
    • bug 457296 Remote Images
      • No progress.
  • Goals for next week
  • reviews and driving
  • Wrote a patch to make smart mailboxes account hidden
  • Worked on making smart mailboxes keep up to date as accounts are added/removed.
  • Deal with having junk as opposed to Junk folder, and leaving account settings dialog,bug 368617
  • Make sure we release imap url on the ui thread bug 330273
  • Potential fix for top crash retrying url, make sure we only access nsImapUrl's mock channel from the ui thread bug 466318
  • In autoconfig repo, worked on allowing the user to edit the hostname, and fixed bug with incoming servers that don't support TLS, and synced up with trunk.

Next week:

  • More work on autoconfig - get in reviewable state.
  • Work on b3 blockers
  • Land some of the backend changes needed for smart mailboxes
  • Build
    Total Network Traffic
    Traffic out of one webserver
    Requests/sec out of one webserver
    • Alpha*/Beta1 => Beta2 Updates released!
    • Thunderbird releases
      • 83% of thunderbird users have updated to (in 5 days)
    • Clobberer fixups complete, working and available across the board
    • Try Server
      • Patches complete, up for review (frontend/backend)
      • We will run our own try server until MoCo picks up on the changes
      • Amazon EC2 for Linux/Win32 builders is possible
      • Successfully produced a Linux try build on EC2
      • Building proper Linux/Win32 refplatform AMIs is next
      • OSX Will have to remain self-hosted, unfortunately.
  • Web
    • Ever increasing traffic, since Thunderbird release
    • MoCo updated content on for themselves.
    • Fielding an average of 3.1 millions requests per hour in the last 24 hours
  • Infrastructure
    • VMWare infrastructure
      • Putting together a hardware plan that would quadruple our capacity
    • Vancouver office move complete
      • Novus rocks!
      • Phones work *much* better now

Will be focusing more on the new account configuration bug 422814 again this week as I've been slacking on that.

Also continuing to interview new candidates

  • Got Linux debug symbols for Eudora 8 beta 5 up on the crash server and they are working fine. Due to a build issue, Mac symbols won't be up until the next release.
  • Changed the async filter code to use C++ interfaces for callbacks, and sent that to bienvenu for comment.
  • Looked in to bug 471399, which appears to be a problem with importing from Classic Eudora. I can get the symptoms to reproduce, but not the original importing problem. I will be writing up some notes in the bug today.
  • Going to MAOW Berlin this upcoming weekend and talking about build system and making FF/TB add-ons work in SeaMonkey 2
  • Released SeaMonkey 1.1.15 in sync with Thunderbird
  • Need to point out bug 471534 - some bugzilla component issues regarding mailnews aren't filed/fixed yet, who can do that?

This Week:

  • Get through backlog of GetSatisfaction questions.
  • Nail down Add-ons upgrade plan.
  • Working on a marketing budget
  • Done :
    • Worked on getting stat while compiling with gcov options
    • Bug triagge
  • Continuing:
    • QA plan
    • Engaging communities
  • Todo:
    • explain what and why QA is important - to try to get w few more people onboard
    • Plan tb3.0b3 testing
    • add jscoverage to get coverage more Green.
  • Fought SIP apps.
  • Todo:
    • Message pane
    • Icon overlay concept
    • Blog post on theming once more stuff land in trunk.
    • Application icons: bug 484064