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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Autoconfig process - Ludo (ludo absent this week)
  • Muting status meeting - gozer (apologies, will get sorted out today)


Thunderbird 3 Beta 3

  • Planned Freeze Dates ( All dates use time of 23:59 PST )
    • Slushy String freeze date: TBD
    • Slushy Code Freeze date: TBD
    • Firm String / Code freeze date: TBD
    • l10n-mozilla-1.9.1 freeze date: TBD
    • Target Build Ship date: TBD
  • dmose is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Search will be landing over the next week or two and then we'll finish up the beta.
    • try server build while the patch is being reviewed
    • once it lands dates for b3 and b4.
  • Beta 3 stated as the release for all work with serious downstream work impact (ui, backend, l10n, etc). Anything that isn't like that should be pushed out into Beta 4.
  • Driver ownership of bugs
    • From a drivers conversation, requiring blocking bugs to be owned by drivers is being reconsidered. Drivers own too many bugs to drive them all. Changing this policy would help reflect reality better, so drivers will consider possible ways to relax/alter that rule for comm-central.

Thunderbird 3 Beta 4

  • Release Driver: TBD

Thunderbird 3

We will have a beta4 - quick cycle for it.

  • We're planning on adding one more beta - lots of work is getting done but the blocker list isn't going down as quickly as we need it to, mostly because of the reality that landing big new features adds bugs.
  • Please set bugs to assigned status (as well as owner to you) if you want to do them.
  • If you have other bugs assigned to you that you don't want to do, please reassign or discuss with drivers.
  • Infrastructure requirements are moving forward (AUS, 10.5 builders, statistics)

QA Updates

  • Organized or weekly event - Gmail centered
  • Waiting on gloda to land
  • All FIXED bugs with on-litmus? are now in-litmus+
  • Will make b3 testing plan public once schedule for b3 is done

Marketing Updates

IT update

  • Vancouver Phone/Network issues seem to be behind us
  • Buildbot
    • Large amount of refactoring done, one effect: standardized names
    • Production and Unittest masters are now merged
    • Pools now span across all build types


  • coordinate writing for Mozilla add-ons blog with add-ons / marketing folks
  • copy edit / substantive editing feedback on importing article
  • draft of overview doc
  • review MDC docs on doc standards, style, how-to, etc
  • tagging and templating on MDC; hooking up unlinked things


Status Updates


working on bug 492158, bug 489999, bug 454829

  • b3 driving / triage
  • board meeting minute stuff
  • more education/calendar discussion with humph
  • worked with various parties to get bug 431819 landed on branch and trunk
  • discussed stemming strategies with sdwilsh
  • messageHeaderView code discussion w/bwinton
  • Reviews
  • Holiday (2 days)
  • Blogged about dropping Palm Sync.
  • Did some more thinking about cookie policy bug 492279 - still need to wrap my head around final the core changes that are required (we should be able to get these in as they are ifdef mailnews)
  • bug 440794 Send In Background
    • Investigated bienvenu's fix for identity setting.
    • Started looking at removing alert dialog code from back-end to nearer to front-end so that send in background can actually "hide" errors whilst it retries sends.

Vacation time next week: Friday, May 29th - Friday June 6th (pager/phone/e-mail)

  • Build
    • Lots of buildbot work
      • Builder names are now consistent bug 476548
        • Platform branch type (i.e. Linux comm-central bloat, Win2k3 comm-1.9.1 check)
      • Production and Unittest masters are now merged
      • Pools span across all build types (when possible)
      • 10.5 Builders (deprecating 10.4 builders looking more and more tempting)
        • Shark builds
        • Unittests comm-central/comm-1.9.1
      • push-to-try for comm-central is a work in progress bug 494747
    • Benchmarked the idea of using source tarballs instead of cloning bug 489338
      • Results: it is faster! (and saves on bandwidth too)
  • extended bugzilla editbugs privs to: 0 people
  • continuing focus on shutdown and startup, and big memory usage bugs
  • posted regarding Should NEW Untouched SeaMonkey Bugs Be UNCONFIRMED?, which potentially has applicability to Thunderbird.
  • tracking/updating topcrashes
  • general triage
  • contract/legal work for pr firm.
  • Done
    • diving into pyhton to make runtest support a few options
    • Gmail bug day
    • First draft for my action point
      • If I don't get more feedback I'll probably go public on mdat with it
  • Todo
    • Send email to -testers once the gloda UI lands
    • Start the FFT for B3 as soon as gloda is in the nightlies
    • Continue driving ISP list
  • Last week
    • Account central.
    • Multiple messages.
    • Activity Manager.
  • This week
    • Folder view.
    • more Account central.
    • more Multiple messages.
    • more Activity Manager.
    • Autoconfiguration dialog.


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