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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Planning for a dry-run security firedrill build
    • Fire drill itself expected to happen after code freeze


Thunderbird 3

  • Now in String freeze
  • Branching completed
  • Schedule:
    • Blockers to zero: 2009-11-06 23:59 PST
    • RC1 builds start on: 2009-11-09
    • Subsequent RCs as necessary.
  • Please set bugs to assigned status (as well as owner to you) if you want to do them.
  • If you have other bugs assigned to you that you don't want to do, please reassign or discuss with drivers.

QA Updates

  • Normal bugday last week
  • Ready to test RC1
  • This week will be RC1 testing - as soon as we get the build.

Topcrashes 3.0b4

  • top 20, about 1/3 fixed - which is great
  • top 10 ("+" indicates change from last meeting) - no appreciable change in top 10 since 10-27:
status bug summary rank
fixed 2009-10-04 bug 513315 @ nsScriptSecurityManager::GetCurrentJSContext() 1
fixed 2009-09-25 bug 480090 sending email after being in offline mode @ morkRowObject::CloseRowObject(morkEnv*) - @ nsMsgOfflineImapOperation::SetCopiesToDB - nsMsgOfflineImapOperation::Release 2
qawanted -all win7- bug 522226 startup @ __delayLoadHelper2 3
FIXED 2009-10-14 bug 505221 @ CountTotalMimeAttachments(MimeContainer*) 4
fixed by bug 513315? bug 518671 @ nsXPConnect::GetRuntimeInstance() 5
idle, multiple bugs?, "needs a cycle collector hacker" bug 482849 @ canonicalize while doing a nightly update 6
idle bug 519962 startup nsPrefBranch::Observe(nsISupports*, char const*, unsigned short const*) 7
+needs more triage various: bug 523423, bug 514734, bug 495177 JS_CallTracer
bad GCs?
FIXED (we hope) by bug 505221 bug 513543 @MimeInlineTextHTML_parse_eof
(can't verify via crash-status until 3.0rc)
needs triage no bug filed @ JS_dtobasestr 10

Marketing Updates

  • Press Tour Update - Completed press tour in Paris, Munich, and Tokyo. Everything going very smoothly. Had a great press conference in Tokyo with over 35 reporters with an additional 6 more interviews later in the week. Mozilla Japan has a very strong marketing team. Press has been very receptive to Thunderbird 3, all the new features, and the future ahead for our team.
  • Will be wrapping up press tour this week in New York and on the West Coast.

IT update


Done / Cleared

In Progress



  1. Top 5 GS Thunderbird 2 Support Topics (code in progress: ) basically the same as last week, possible McAfee false alarm
    1. Cannot send email (Verizon blocking port 25 starting fall 2009, AT&T percent sign in outgoing email due to wrong setting from AT&T support ?!?)
    2. Cannot receive email
    3. migration to Vista and Windows 7 - it works well for some not so well for others, most just need settings and migration help, be great if MozBackup or something like it was built-in
    4. McAfee finds trojan - probably false alarm, roland to follow up with Carsten and Sam
    5. email lost (fixed by compacting folders and deleting .msf)
  2. Thunderbird 3 Beta Top Support Issues (not many reported, starting to monitor to see what we can improve for post 3.0)
    1. Windows 7
  3. SUMO for MoMo tracker ticket:, TB3 Global Database KB - 1st article from JenZed, thanks! - should have 1st iteration of MoMo SUMO theme by end of week from contractor Gary Cunningham-Lee who did the original SUMO theme
  4. Key Support stats from the following graphic:
    1. approximately 26 / day (180/7, higher than last week if we subtract the Raindrop topics - not sure why)
    2. total new topics:180 total replies: 69 (Ruby Code)
      1. date:20091027 #new support topics:23 resolved:9
      2. date:20091028 #new support topics:24 resolved:8
      3. date:20091029 #new support topics:32 resolved:9
      4. date:20091030 #new support topics:25 resolved:7
      5. date:20091031 #new support topics:17 resolved:4
      6. date:20091101 #new support topics:9 resolved:0
      7. date:20091102 #new support topics:20 resolved:9
    3. #replies from non MoMo folks: 3 from TMZ (thanks!) 14 from gyurrika (thanks!), 2 from Thomas (thanks!) MoMo folks: 2 from Philipp of Lightning (thanks!) 43 from Roland, 2 from Andreas (thanks!), Bienvenu 8 (thanks!)
    4. happiness metric: API doesn't have happiness emotitags, asked GS staff about that, code in progress:, manual happiness metric = 69 - 43 = 26 (50 last week), 56 Hendrix messages (generally Hendrix messages are unhappy but this week we had 2 happy messages from Thunderbird lovers, 1 wanted us to run our own email service! Thanks!) - bug to track down Hendrix for Thunderbird 3 and get rid of it as much as possible

27Oct-02Nov2009-Community stats for Mozilla Messaging.png


Status Updates

  • Illness slowed me down :-(
  • Reviews & Driving
  • Fixed bug 490817 and bug 525208 finally sorting out our EULA (removal)/License updates for TB 3.
  • Made some good progress on bug 516776 - working on the final bits so that extensions should be able to provide content tabs that can load different pages.
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Don't try to update virtual folders when doing an offline download sync, bug 525842
  • Clone note curiosity for cloned views, per asuth, bug 525419
  • Handle failure to expand thread because of threading problems by listing w/o sub-threading, fixes subsequent crash on collapse, bug 524266
  • Fix hang in cross-folder threaded mode, when multiple messages have the same key in a thread, bug 518128
  • Fix crash when adding thread column to search results pane, bug 524673
  • Fix crash doing a quick search in a grouped single folder saved search, bug 524064
  • Fix for crash in nsNntpCacheStreamListener::OnStartRequest, bug 130442
  • tested uber gloda correctness patch bug 465618
  • Build
    • 2 minis now in production, building green
  • Web
    • Worked on
  • Infrastructure
    • Setup complete backend DB infrastructure for Webheads
    • Ready for serious database workloads

crash triage

  • new
    • bug 526047 [@ nsAddrDatabase::GetRowForCharColumn(unsigned short const*, unsigned int, int, int, nsIMdbRow**)]
    • bug 525517 [@ XPCCallContext::XPCCallContext(XPCContext::LangType, JSContext*, JSObject*, JSObject*, int, unsigned int, int*, int*)] ** SM topcrash, TB3.0b4 #67 crash
  • In the middle of press tour. In New York through Wednesday evening and then Bay Area tour for Thursday-Friday.
  • Had one day off last week
  • Finished preparing emails for people participating to the RC1 testing.
  • This week:
    • Organize and upload graphic source files for all themes: bug 494804
    • Finish bug 525628
    • More polish items

Last week:

This week:

  • Finish off the blockers. (I hope to get these in today or tomorrow, depending on how fast I can get reviews, and how well the reviews go.)
  • Review some more bugs.
  • Continue to help students with ISPDB.
  • bug 470430 is finally checked in!
  • If you have ever used Sunbird, please check if you have an empty folder:
    • $HOME\Application Data\Mozilla\Extensions\{718*\
    • ~/.mozilla/extensions/{718*/
    • If so, please report to bug 470430
  • Now only bug 494140 is separating us from a firm code freeze.
  • Waiting for a few locales to finish, will nudge them soon.
  • If all this is finished, we are ready for beta 1 candidates.