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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Planning for a dry-run security firedrill build


Friends of the Tree

Thunderbird 3 Developer Update

RC 1

  • Released last Tuesday (24th Nov).
  • Never got unthrottled, so uptake might have suffered as a result

RC 2

  • Picks up a small list of bugs
  • Hoping to release today.
  • Still a few website issues need fixing up


  • Blockers are mainly web site updates.
  • Remaining blockers are either trackers, or test-only/build changes to support the security & stability releases.

Thunderbird 3.0.1

  • No concrete plan as of yet
  • Already can mark bugs as blocking 3.0.1


QA Updates

  • Testing Thunderbird RC1 Build3
  • Spot-checking Thunderbird RC2
  • Plan to get back to regular QA activities post 3.0 release.

3.0rc1/rc2 topcrashes - Crash or sorted by rank.

status bug summary # of crash
Issue with Enigmail
bug 531339 nsRefPtr<nsScreen>::assign_with_AddRef(nsScreen*) | nsMsgComposeAndSend::InitCompositionFields(nsMsgCompFields*, nsACString_internal const&, int) 781 30%
Unassigned bug 505717 EscapeFromSpaceLine(nsIOutputStream*, char*, char const*) 79 3%
assigned bug 513543 MimeInlineTextHTML_parse_eof 75 3%
Unassigned bug 505016 nsXPCWrappedJS::QueryInterface(nsID const&, void**) 69 3%
Unassigned bug 519962 nsPrefBranch::freeObserverList() | nsPrefBranch::Observe(nsISupports*, char const*, unsigned short const*) 67 3%

3.0b4 topcrashes - slight update, see previous meeting

Marketing Updates

IT update

  • Upgraded our Jabber servers to eJabberd 2.1.0
  • Pushed 3.0rc1 content live to
  • Thunderbird 3.0 RC1/RC2
  • Calendar 1.0 Beta 1 : In Progress



  • message tabs article for support knowledge base
  • update how-to status and markers
  • call for doc help (blog and TB mailing list)
  • link / cross-linking to RC1 release notes
  • edit Content Tab docs
  • More docs is needed
    • Ludovic suggested a Doc Day, like Test Days
    • Jen suggested a first try in 2 weeks

TODO / In Progress

  • blog Content Tab docs after response to questions (Standard8)
  • edit and link up gloda docs; clean up crufty old stuff
  • blog content tabs when finalized
  • support doc locations ([ 521665])
  • folders ([ ])
  • Mission control / autoconfig: MDC
  • msg headers ([ 466025], [ 480623])
  • new bug for debugging issues? (and close [ 420317]?)


  1. Top 5 GS Thunderbird 2 Support Topics (code in progress: ) basically the same as last week
    1. Cannot send email
    2. Cannot receive email
    3. migration to Vista and Windows 7 from XP including email and address books and from Outlook and Outlook Express
    4. attachments not working
  2. Thunderbird 3 RC1 Top Support Issues (starting to monitor to see what we can improve for post 3.0)
    1. change tls if available on 2.0 to START TLS in tb3, needs to be done manually in rc1, in rc2 will be done automatically
    2. people looking for addons for lightning and google calendar sync
  3. SUMO for MoMo tracker ticket:
    1. Goal is to get initial content and theming done at the end of the week - GS branding is done except for last bit of testing and MoMo footer menu tweaks
    2. SuMoMo call for writers blog post
  4. Key Support stats from the following graphic:
    1. approximately 29/ day (204/7, slightly higher than last week if we subtract the Raindrop topics)
    2. total new topics:204 total replies: 372 (Ruby Code)
      1. date:20091124 #new support topics:18 resolved:30
      2. date:20091125 #new support topics:33 resolved:15
      3. date:20091126 #new support topics:36 resolved:14
      4. date:20091127 #new support topics:26 resolved:5
      5. date:20091128 #new support topics:19 resolved:7
      6. date:20091129 #new support topics:20 resolved:2
      7. date:20091130 #new support topics:21 resolved:3
    3. #replies from non MoMo folks: 5 from tanstaafl (thanks and welcome!), 108 from pasa (thanks), 1 from TMZ (thanks) MoMo folks: 1 from Wayne Mery (thanks) 79 from Roland, Bienvenu 30 (thanks!), 2 from Tom (thanks!) 6 from Kent James (thanks) 6 from Lightning team (thanks!), 4 from Andreas (thanks!), 8 from Standard8 (thanks), 1 from asuth (thanks!)
    4. happiness metric: API doesn't have happiness emotitags, , code in progress:, manual happiness metric = 123 - 79 = 44 (30 last week), 40 Hendrix messages (generally Hendrix messages are unhappy but this week we had 1 happy messages) - [ bug to track down Hendrix for Thunderbird 3 and get rid of it as much as possible]

24-30Nov09-Community stats for Mozilla Messaging.png


  • bsmedberg's weekly update webapp
    • A little, nice web-app to help keep track of what your team is doing
    • Some of the Thunderbird team gave it a shot
    • Most like the idea, but it could be improved (no links, wiki syntax, etc)
    • Might be a good way to keep folks in the loop without having to join the phone call
    • All in all, most agree that it's worth looking at some more, give it a try.

Status Updates

  • Reviews and Driving
  • Fixed bug 516950 autoconfig pop3 accounts should be configured to download new mail, put in RC2
  • Found an other fix for imap hang on shutdown, with use tls if available set, bug 494014, and put in RC2
  • Removed unused aol pfc code, bug 530618
  • Did a lot of trouble shooting of bugs and Get Satisfaction issues.
  • trunk content about 3.0rc1 live
  • make package-compare on try server
  • staging buildbot gets its mozconfigs from a clone of buildbot-configs
    • Testing gcc-4.3.3
  • Upgraded jabber cluster to ejabberd-2.1.0 - bug 531287
  • Split up Ganglia graphing per VLAN
  • ui-reviews and driving
  • looked into bug 531317 but no ideas yet
  • connected with Add-on Collections developers
    • got collections add-on for thunderbird
  • investigating a thunderbird made specifically for netbooks (via add-ons)
    • looked into space requirements
    • andreas investigating minimal ui elements
  • yet more audit and clean up of crash & hang bugs
  • duping of enigmail bugs
  • triage
  • filed crash & hang bugs:
    • bug 530845 [@ nsWindowWatcher::OpenWindowJSInternal(nsIDOMWindow*, char const*, char const*, char const*, int, nsIArray*, int, nsIDOMWindow**)] (not startup)
    • bug 531294 crash sending message [@ nsRefPtr<nsCSSFontFaceRule>::assign_assuming_AddRef(nsCSSFontFaceRule*)] due to incompatible version of enigmail
    • bug 531339 enigmail [@ nsRefPtr<nsDOMWorkerMessageHandler>::assign_assuming_AddRef(nsDOMWorkerMessageHandler*) | nsRefPtr<nsScreen>::assign_with_AddRef(nsScreen*) | nsMsgComposeAndSend::InitCompositionFields(nsMsgCompFields*, nsACString_internal const&, int)]
    • bug 531716 crash [@ nsAbMDBCard::Equals(nsIAbCard*, int*)]
    • bug 531568 topcrash [@ nsImapMailCopyState::`vector deleting destructor(unsigned int)]
    • bug 531794 regression [@ nsNntpCacheStreamListener::OnDataAvailable(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*, nsIInputStream*, unsigned int, unsigned int)]
    • bug 531792 crash [@ nsImapMailFolder::UpdateImapMailboxInfo]
  • bugzilla whine in bmo is fixed thanks to justdave, and very handy indeed for timely summary notification of bugs I might care about]. Sample query is 1 day resolution ... longer and shorter resolution (eg 1hr) are possible.


  • Still wrangling with gloda in Search Message window and FUMLUB issues
  • Eudora/Penelope Beta still on hold
  • Back from vacation, working backlog from last 3 weeks
  • SeaMonkey 2.0.1 planned for release two weeks from now, in sync with Gecko (not everything landed on our side that we would have liked, but this already has 93 fixes, including ones for grave security issues, over SeaMonkey 2.0 final)
  • Working on:
  • Supporting pr team for reviews.
  • RC 2 work.
  • Web site l10n work, looking at about 49 locales for final release.
  • Been working slowly on making tags mozmill tests

Last week:

  • Lightning icons for Linux and Windows bug 494598
  • Thunderbird netbook extension mockups
  • Reviewed bug 525971

This week:

  • Finish Lightning icons for Windows bug 494598
  • Look into Vista theme feedback and polish bug 532048
  • More netbook mockups and ideas
  • Look into online/offline experience bug 468006



  • Continue working on the extension for bug 525070.
  • Drive forward the ISPDB patches.
  • Take Thursday off to attend the iPhone Tech Talks.
  • Maybe add permalinks to the weekly updates so that I don't need to type this all in twice.
  • Fixed MailNews Core bugs:
    • bug 271841 Show full newsgroup name as tooltip for abbreviated newsgroup names
  • working on 1.0b1rc1, lots of build related complications
  • gozer is doing a great job helping us get the release running.
  • future releases will be much easier, working on having buildbot auto-create also localized release lightning builds
  • can't make the meeting today, sorry!
  • Will not be at meeting, but want to mention:
  • My biased opinions on extensibility
  • Still working on the extend-C++-in-JS bug, but school is eating up most of my free time right now