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Current Release Schedules
Thunderbird 3.1 Beta 1 Thunderbird 3.0.2
  • String/code freeze date: 2010-02-23 (Tuesday)
  • l10n-mozilla-1.9.2 freeze date: 2010-03-01 (Monday)
  • Build/relbranch date: 2010-03-02 (Tuesday)
  • Ship date: 2010-03-09 (Tuesday)
  • Relbranch opens: January 21
  • Code freeze: February 12 23:59 PST
  • L10n freeze: February 15 23:59 PST
  • Builds start: February 16
  • QA with builds start: February 16
  • Beta period starts: February 18
  • Final release: February 25

Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items

Friends of the Tree

Thanks to our Friends of the Tree When adding someone to this section, please get their T-Shirt size and send it to so that he can send them a shirt!

Thunderbird 3.1 (Lanikai)

  • UX/Feature work being driven from Thunderbird:UX/Priorities/3.1; however, only some things on that page are blockers
  • non-versioned wanted-thunderbird flag created
  • Bug lists: Thunderbird:Thunderbird3.1:Status_Tracking
    • beta1 slipped; string/code freeze 2 weeks from today
    • bug triage in progress; first pass to be completed EOD tomorrow (Weds)
      • high risk that we'll need to add a beta 2 once triage completed
  • Discussion about specifics of cutting the 1.9.2 version of comm-central in progress; details soon

Lanikai Alpha 1

Lanikai Beta 1

  • String/code freeze date: 2010-02-23 (Tuesday)
  • l10n-mozilla-1.9.2 freeze date: 2010-03-01 (Monday)
  • Build/relbranch date: 2010-03-02 (Tuesday)
  • Ship date: 2010-03-09 (Tuesday)

Thunderbird 3.0.x Developer Update

See Tinderbox for how to get your patches into 3.0.x

Thunderbird 3.0.2

  • See Schedule above.
  • Generally smaller amount of fixes than 3.0.1, but still improving user experience for upgrades and stability.

QA Updates

  • Having an event this week, please join.
  • Asked people using 3.2 to switch back to 3.1

since last bug table

status bug summary # crash /week
bug 272361 nsMessengerWinIntegration::SetupInbox() 1252
Null signature - no progress 1076
Assigned - no progress bug 536960 sqlite3DbMallocRaw 989
Unassigned - no progress bug 536308 arena_dalloc | free | sqlite3_free | pcache1TruncateUnsafe 981
Needs landing on Branch bug 533035 JS_dtobasestr 802

Marketing Updates

IT update



abbreviated report because Roland was sick Monday

  1. SuMoMo
    1. Bugs - comments disallowed on home page (thanks jrburke for javascript snippet!), will be pushed today; still looking for solution for anonymous visitors not being able to see comments; will re-ping sumo-dev
    2. Most Urgent Articles needed ASAP - Auto config - How to change change IMAP to POP
    3. Analytics from last week - 105K (92K last week) visits, USA #2 (22K, previous 20K), Germany #1 (23K, previous 20K), Japan #3 (10K, 9K), FR, UK, IT, CA, NL, AU - Browser stats: Firefox 62%, 29% IE, 4% Chrome, only 2400 visits from IE6 (8% of IE total)
    4. Looking for Contributors to write articles in English (and German!) and any other languages
  2. Get Satisfaction Accelerator to make flagging duplicates and asking for more information and splitting subtopics faster - Spec, - Bryan (thanks!) updated his JetPack and have drop down of FAQ topics, progress! - Looking for additional Jetpack developers (bwinton has volunteered thanks) to develop this further with Roland acting as tester and spec writer email me roland AT if interested in collaborating. Feedback on spec also welcome! Please edit the spec wiki page!
  3. No GS Triage Meeting because of sickness
  4. Issues to be reviewed at the next GS Triage meeting scheduled for February 15, 2010 - Please tag topics "review" if you think they need to be reviewed because they cause customer pain
  5. GS praise: thunderbird, thunderbird, attachment detector, Lanikai lanikai speed improvement
  6. GS Key Support stats from the following graphic:
    1. approximately 78/ day (556/7 slightly higher than previous), # of visitors 20,000 on graph seems to be right but numerical stats are wrong)
    2. total new topics:556 (slightly higher) total replies:1127 from employees and champions: 85 a wee bit lowerthan normal (NonMoMo:183 FROM Michael Pasek (thanks!), 26 from Chris Ramsden aka Xenos (thanks!),6 from Wayne Mery (thanks!), 28 from DavRo (thanks!), 8 from from Kent (Thanks!), MoMo: 34 from Roland, 4 from Bryan Clark (thanks!),6 from Mark Banner (thanks) (Ruby Code)
      1. date:20100202 #new support topics:73 resolved: 26
      2. date:20100203 #new support topics:75 resolved: 13
      3. date:20100204 #new support topics:70 resolved: 6
      4. date:20100205 #new support topics:64 resolved: 10
      5. date:20100206 #new support topics:49 resolved: 9
      6. date:20100207 #new support topics:39 resolved: 6
      7. date:20100208 #new support topics:7 resolved: 21

2-8Feb 2010 - Community stats for Mozilla Messaging.png

Lightning Updates


See the Mozilla Status Board for status updates specific to developers.

Lehigh Univ. will be on the call for a few minutes for QA on v3.1 perspective. 3-4 people will be available including mail admin, trainer and user support, installer customizer. LU Issues Document


  • MozMill upgrade.
    • Installation instructions on devmo updated.
    • Possibly rolling out to production (just on windows) in the next few hours.


rebron, davida, bienvenu, dmose, standard8, ludo, gozer, clarkbw, rolandtanglao, wayne, bwinton