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(current release schedules returning soon)

Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to press *1 to unmute yourself before talking!

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page


  • Who's taking minutes? --> jhopkins
  • Minute taking Schedule. Talk to Standard8 for schedule changes/additions.
  • Note: this meeting is for interactive discussion. Feel free to ask questions!

Action Items

Friends of the Tree

Suggestion (protz): Hiroshi Shirosaki has been submitting quite a few patches for Enigmail support in Thunderbird Conversations, and also a small patch for Enigmail. It's rare to have contributors for Thunderbird Conversations, so if there's no better suggestion, I'd be glad to see that person get a t-shirt :-).

Thanks to our Friend of the Tree. When adding someone to this section, please get their T-Shirt size, phone number (needed for shipping!) and send it to so that he can send them a shirt!

Thunderbird Development

For more details, see also the driver meeting notes.

Feature Work

Account Provisioner

No progress this week. Jonathan protzenko familiarizing with the add-on code and porting it to core. Coming up: full review of objectives, risks assesment and planning

  • Extension mostly converted to patch; still needs l10n and tests
Test Pilot
  • Most everything works now
  • Next up: moving to comm-central (later, a common version should go into mozilla-central for Firefox and Thunderbird)


Thunderbird Conversations
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Account Summary
Ubuntu Unity Integration
  • Ubuntu Oneiric went to Beta last week! Oneiric is scheduled for full release on October 13th (see the release schedule here)
  • There were some more minor hiccups with the integration add-ons last week, but they've been addressed by Chris Coulson and myself. Nothing major.

Schedule and Progress

  • Doing follow-up releases for 6.0, 3.1, and TB 7 beta because of new information with the certificates issues.
Thunderbird 7
  • Currently on: Beta
  • Released second beta today (Tuesday)
  • Add-on compatibility bump should happen on Wednesday or Thursday.
Thunderbird 8
  • Currently on: Earlybird
  • Add-on compatibility bump information prepared, submitting to AMO this week, should go live next week.
  • 8.* added to AMO.
Thunderbird 9
  • Currently on: Trunk.
  • Next merge date is in about 3 weeks.
Thunderbird 3.1.x
  • The 3.1 series is going to keep going while we discuss how to work with enterprise users. Once there's a way forward there, we'll close down the 3.1 branch.
  • 3.1.14 releasing today (Tuesday)

Extension of the week

QA Updates

  • Maintaining bugzilla
  • Release work

Marketing Updates

Infrastructure Update

Build / Release Update

  • build/sign/release chemspill builds

Web Update

  • tb7 compatibility patch mostly done, finishing it off today
  • Still need to find time to fix the front-end JS bug on kitsune before we can go live


  • 20 responses to (from us to them) to contributor inquiry form


(If you support Thunderbird or write or translate documentation to help support Thunderbird, please subscribe to the tb-support-crew mailing list and briefly introduce yourself to the list)

  1. 2041 new support topics (1640 one week ago) - Media:29August-4September2011Community_stats_for_Mozilla_Messaging.png
  2. Thunderbird 6 Support Issues
  3. Thunderbird 7 Support Issues - new! please edit and add any issues found in TB7 (currently beta 1), starting at beta 1 for TB7 and future releases
  4. See this week's Support Appendix for full Get Satisfaction metrics and other support details
  • Would like to move off of domain as soon as possible. Will discuss at the all-hands.

Lightning Updates

Nothing really new to talk about. Tomorrow is my last exam, keep your fingers crossed at all times!

Afterwards the first thing I'll do is spin a tb7 compatible build for testing.

Status Updates

See the Mozilla Status Board for status updates specific to developers.

Roundtable Highlights

  • No meeting next week due to an All-Hands event.