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Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to use headphones and mute yourself when not talking

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page

Meeting Changes


(not mentioned in the Etherpad)

Action items from last meetings

  • [Standard8] Are WADA, Aryx, Chiaki Ishikawa, JosiahOne and jcranmer from previous nomination covered already for swag?
    • Standard8 has sent out a "where are they" request
  • [mconley]
    • Thunderbird usage data isn't public. Standard8 was tasked with getting that information released. What's the status on that?
    • mhoye has taken this over, and has been in contact with rkent
      • Metrics is still needinfo'd on getting non-staff community added to usage metrics report emails
  • [mconley] Ask jorgev if Marketplace merge would accept patches to make Thunderbird work there...
  • [mconley] Can we pull jb into this AMO discussion? Can we get an advocate higher up the Mozilla-chain? jb+gerv?
    • See above.
  • [mconley] Talk to bwinton and see if we can get "the regulars" whitelisted on tb-planning.
    • Done.

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues


Round Table


  • Sorry, cannot attend - dinner with customers.
  • Currently taking a closer look at Bug 43278 - "Crossposts (same Message-ID) not marked as read in other newsgroups". I summarized relevant content from older comments. My own notes are marked with "=> ...". It would be helpful to get feedback on these points by whoever is (most) knowledgeable about them ...
  • Bug 919989 (Remove a hack that is currently necessary to trigger an "account loaded" notification)
    • I have a solution idea sketched in comment 4.
    • The bug has been on feedback? to David Bienvenue for a month now (because he originally wrote that code).
    • mconley requested this bug in bug 903804 comment 11. So maybe he has some feedback?
  • Bug 929698 (Upgrade to Mozmill 1.5.24 for Thunderbird)
    • Upgrading Mozmill itself is straightforward.
    • IMO, this is blocked by bug 904152 and bug 910293 - we want to make sure there are no intermittent failures in Mozmill tests to avoid regressions.
      • aceman, any progress with bug 904152?
        • [aceman] The test is disabled on OS X so it should not make any difference wrt regression comparing of new mozmill.
      • Bug 910293 was assigned to me, but I don't really have any further ideas. :hiro also tried out some things, but without success.
    • To summarize: No progress at the moment.
  • Bug 904812 (Make resources 'testing-common' and 'testing' available in Mozmill tests):
    • Got some feedback from :whimboo, but I'm not sure I understand everything.
    • Wrote some further explanations of the issue and requested feedback again.
  • Bug 479767 (Allow filtering for folders in folder pane by substring search (Implement quick filter for folder pane)):
    • Wrote down some thoughts. Feedback is welcome.


  • Fixed
    • Bug 941740. (Australis regression related to the titlebar)
    • Bug 935023. (Reduced the intensity of the grain texture on folderpanes)
    • Bug 938469. (QFB theme fix)
  • Working on:
    • Just have to address some feedback for the new Linux compose UI.
    • Updating tests for the animated TB tabs patch.
    • Moving theme code to shared
    • Mocking up a "dark on light" theme for TB.
  • Did some reviews.
    • I have the week off, so hopefully I'll be able to finish up most of these tasks.


  • need ideas for TB24 regression Bug 929281 (unfortunately no logs/diagnostic information yet) - Long startup and "Unresponsive Script" with many pop accounts with version 24
  • topcrash
    • list mostly updated to TB24 - - some new in TB24. For example
      • Bug 930507 - mozalloc_abort .. nsDisplayBackgroundColor::AllocateGeometry(nsDisplayListBuilder*)
      • Bug 931666 - mozalloc_abort ... nsSocketTransport::PostEvent(unsigned int, tag_nsresult, nsISupports*)
    • note "topcrash" keyword is deprecated, use topcrash-thunderbird


  • Sent mail to tb-planning asking for help on Ensemble. No takers so far.
  • My review backlog is only going back a week, which is good. Might have more time this coming weekend.


  • Alder tree (for ccrework) is now green on 2 of 8 configurations!
    • Releng needs to fix graph server for two more configurations
    • Two build issues for OS X and Windows
    • I should have the process ready for final review in the next week or so--hopefully, ccrework will land in December or January!
  • Database design proposal posted to mdat
    • JSMime 0.2 is getting close to review-worthy Just need some better tests and to solve thethe require-in-mozilla-central issue

Question Time

  • From tessarakt: How are action items supposed to be handled in these meeting notes template? My impression is that the action items that are still open are to be copied from the "Action items from last meetings" section at the top to the "Action items" section at the bottom. If that is the case, and if the person copying the meeting notes to the Wiki is supposed to do that, a clearer indication as to whether an action item is still open would be helpful.
    • [mconley] Generally, action items from last week stay so that we remember to call them out. Items that are completed should be removed. That's what we've been doing so far, anyhow.
  • From tessarakt: What is the best way to copy the meeting notes into the Wiki, keeping the formatting (especially lists) intact?
    • [mconley] I do it manually, which sucks. I grab the source of the previous weeks meeting notes, create a new meeting note page, dump in the copied source, and just gut it / replace it with what's in this etherpad. Kinda blows. :/


  • Get your ducks, err Docs (wiki, devmo, sumo, etc) and wish item lists updated ... so they are tidy for when we make a push for new volunteers

Action Items

  • [mconley] Find a way of making it easier to move note from Etherpad to Wiki!