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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-01-07 Minute taker - don't forget to save a revision of the pad before clearing it for next use. Please don't forget to post on after the end of the meeting so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.


  • rkent, florian, jcranmer, Roland, JosiahOne, mkmelin

Action items from last meetings

  • [mconley] Put together an Etherpad for contributor badge categories and graphics
    • Make sure each badge has an explicit, once-sentence goal.

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

  • mconley still did not put together this etherpad!
  • Chat updates in brief:
    • Instantbird now uses
    • instantbird front-end code will be merged into comm-central in a folder named im/
    • GPL code (libpurple + glue code) would be in a separate repository
      • This would make it easier to develop the add-on for TB as well

Critical Issues


Round Table


  • Finally completed the 6th chat/ merge of IB -> c-c (bug 920801)
    • Dealt with a couple of minor bugs from this (bugs 956487 and 956767)
  • Planning to do another chat/ merge of IB -> c-c soon
  • Merged the Instantbird bugzilla into Mozilla's bugzilla (bug 749586): sorry for the bugspam
    • Includes a "Chat core" component for code shared between Thunderbird and Instantbird
      • Need to resolve duplicates and move bugs to their proper components
  • Filed bug to merge the Instantbird UI into c-c (bug 956609)
    • Hoping to finish this merge by the end of the week
    • Will likely close the tree for a few hours once we are ready to land


  • Windows builds almost work on Alder (down to a packaging failure)
    • Pymake's shell quoting is annoying
    • bug 957720 is the tracking for work needed to get windows builds green
  • Goal is to finish cc-rework by the end of January:
    • Still need to ensure unit test configs work in new setup
    • Unresolved OS X Universal builds failure
    • Unresolved Windows packaging failure
    • Need to land bug 957720, bug 944952
  • More talk about killing RDF, so returning to working on bug 441437
  • Had a wonderful winter weather in Chicago followed by a bitterly cold weekend here in Urbana

JosiahOne (Left meeting early)

  • Did a lot of reviews, still have more to do. (Paenglab's been knocking out bugs left and right.)
    • If you have flagged me for review, I plan to finish reviews this week.
  • Created several shared CSS files for theme with no regressions so far.
  • Landed a bunch of minor theme improvements
    • Removed the grain texture that has been causing issues. Bug 935023.
  • My plan now is actually to start doing less theme stuff and move to Cocoa and JS-based Front end.


  • bug 953426 expose remote content per-host privileges
  • bug 956586 get rid of FillInHTMLTooltip which is now in a binding (and bug 331772)

Question Time


  • Q12014: We are (finally) moving the Knowledge Base from to & from getstatisfaction to forums [roland]

Action Items