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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-01-21 Minute taker - don't forget to save a revision of the pad before clearing it for next use. Please don't forget to post on after the end of the meeting so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.


  • jcranmer, rolandtanglao, rkent, irving, florian, JosiahOne, Paenglab (no mic)

Action items from last meetings

  • [mconley] Put together an Etherpad for contributor badge categories and graphics
    • Make sure each badge has an explicit, once-sentence goal.

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

  • tree should green up today

Critical Issues


Round Table


  • Alder is green on 7/8 platforms (including unit tests)!
    • Need to resubmit one patch, and debug/fix OS X universal build failure
  • Code-coverage for TB updated:
  • JSMime 0.2 is up for review (bug ¨)
  • cleared out my review queue... only to have it fill back up in 24 hours
  • Working in sub-zero windchill land
  • Creating an IDN email account fails hard, see bug 961908
  • mozilla-central projects:
    • Rvalue, Adopt, Forget goodies for nsCOMArray (bug 450881)
    • Restarting attempts for code-coverage-on-try thanks to releng landing MOZ_UPLOAD_DIR
  • Future expectations
    • Structured header revolution (passing addressing headers as arrays of msgIAddressObject instead of string values)
    • msgIMimeHeaderBuilder (significant compose code cleanup, also introduce more modularity into compose APIs)
    • expect a major announcement about these efforts around the time JSMime 0.2 lands
    • cc-rework appears to be keeping seamonkey building, haven't tested IM or external builds
    • will probably resume changes after cc-rework (doing some before affects the automated path rewriter)
    • May add more features to code-coverage HTML views


  • going to go through with the migration
  • met up with sancus for the first time

JosiahOne (No outgoing audio)

  • New Compose UI stuff is done, will probably land it today.
    • If you have questions/issues with the change, please either talk to me via email or IRC, or file a bug and make it block Bug 867166.
  • Landed bug 411273 (Use the Cocoa "busyButClickableCursor" for our loading cursor) after digging up some private methods, so if you're sick of looking at the horrible icon on OS X when email is coming in, you need not worry any longer.
  • Starting work on the "dark" theme for Thunderbird. Hope to have most of the implementation done by the end of February.
  • Notice - Apparently using shared files for theme code makes it so we are now required to rebuild TB for changes to take effect. Therefore, if you touched "important" files that use code from /shared, you may need to rebuild. I will attempt to find a way to bypass this if possible.
  • Pretty much caught up on reviews, just have a couple that came in today.

clokep (not attending)

  • Ported chat changes # 7 (bug 957918)
  • Merged the Instantbird UI into c-c (bug 956609), this included ~2k changesets that is the history of im/ and chat/ folders
  • Slowly working on getting the libpurple code to build on c-c (bug 955009)


  • Bug 952953 - Use the Fx Australis tabs. landed. Now we are in sync with the Fx tabs :)
  • Some other small patches.


Time to start thinking about Google Summer of Code projects, and add ideas to

Question Time


  • mconley is now engaged! congratulations!
  • Q12014: We are (finally) moving the Knowledge Base from to & from getstatisfaction to forums [roland]

Action Items