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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-04-29 Minute taker - don't forget to save a revision of the pad before clearing it for next use. Please don't forget to post on after the end of the meeting so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.


  • clokep (only kind of here), jcranmer, mconley, mkmelin, Paenglab, wsmwk, sshagarwal, rolandtanglao

Action items from last meetings

  • [mconley] Where are our beta builds for 29? Those are very much missing still.
    • These builds are going out now. \o/

Friends of the tree

  • [mconley] I'm calling out sshagarwal, because of excellent activity on Bugzilla that I've noticed recently

Critical Issues

  • Google and OAuth 2.0?
    • Can someone participating in that thread boil it down and tell us if GMail is going to stop working in TB soon?
    • Brief summary: the original post doesn't make it clear what GMail will do. It just says "extra measures". Implied intent is to encourage people to use OAuth 2.0 instead of "normal" authentication.
    • A long three-way debate between BenB, jcranmer, and asuth about the merits and issues with OAuth2, SASL, 2-factor-authentication, etc.
    • During the second half of 2014, they are going to up the security checks for logging into GMail.


  • 24.5 went out today!

Round Table


  • xpcshell tests now run in parallel!
  • We're now using a newer charset menu in our displays, as of yesterday's nightly.
    • This is going to (hopefully) slowly kill off lesser charsets like x-mac-croatian
    • (Random note: it's kind of a personal mission of mine to kill x-mac-croatian)
    • There are several more places in the UI where we list charsets (mostly fallback in folder/nntp server) using old, bad stuff--that will probably die relatively soon
  • JSMime (in the header parser/2047 converter) just missed ESR 31, hoping to still land it on Aurora once Standard8 r+'s
  • c-c/m-c merge comments
    • There's a private conversation that went on among top-level module owners
    • Taras is working on replacing buildbot with taskcluster (,%20ci/2014/03/04/taskcluster/ ), expected to be complete in Q2-Q3 timeframe
    • Nothing will happen until then
    • Taras indicated support (on behalf of releng) for a merger at that time, but it's unclear if this has consensus or not.
  • Discussions about using Promises and WebIDL in comm-central on mdat. Feedback appreciated!
  • hg blame links actually work now \o/


  • Lots of reviews over the last weekend for the 31 c-c -> c-a uplift. Great stuff from mkmelin, JosiahOne, Paenglab, and aceman.
  • Big thank you goes out to JosiahOne for helping me get through my review queue.


  • Bug 953204 – Use the Fx Australis titlebar styling and bug 984978 – Adjust TB's theme for Windows 8 and up landed in time for TB 31. Thanks to Josiah and Mike for their review effort during the last weekend.
  • I'm now on small follow-ups which I hope can also land on TB 31.



  • We have Windows crash reports again


Question Time

  • l10n question: how many locales are still not defaulting to UTF-8 for outgoing messages?
    • mconley suggests jcranmer asks flod
    • cs (Czech), en-GB (only for SeaMonkey), es-AR (Argentina), eu (Basque), fy-NL (Frisian), hu (Hungarian), it (only for TB), ko (Korean), nl (Dutch), sv-SE (Swedish), zh-CN (Chinese)


Action Items

  • [jcranmer] Ask bienvenu or someone else about the gmail authentication changes for Thunderbird