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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-06-10 Minute taker - don't forget to save a revision of the pad before clearing it for next use. Please don't forget to post on after the end of the meeting so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.


  • mconley, rkent, jcranmer, irving, wsmwk

Action items from last meetings

  • [jcranmer] Ask bienvenu or someone else about the gmail authentication changes for Thunderbird
    • "I need to send up a follow-up email", "I've been assured that some people were discussing it, but I didn't hear back"
  • [standard8] contact sshagarwal to send something for FotT

Current status and discussions

  • Thunderbird 24.6.0 went out today! \o/
  • Beta and Earlybird channels will be updating in the next few days, as per usual.
  • Cache 1 vs Cache 2 conversion thing (TB, particularly IMAP provider, uses the old Firefox cache internally and Firefox has a new 100% async cache - and when the switched over, that hurt us).
    • We're going to need to switch over to the new cache, or take ownership of the old cache, which wouldn't be great.

Critical Issues

  • Bug 1021684 - Update Filelink implementation to new APIs
    • We're using deprecated APIs, and we need to switch over by July 1st! Apparently, we've been using deprecated APIs for a while. :/ Does anybody have cycles to drive this?
      • Isn't there a GSoC student working on Filelink for IB? If so, how terrible would it be for us to redirect him to attack this?


  • 31 is coming soon!

Round Table


  • Still reviewing. Yay!


  • Last 6 weeks, watching xpcshell tests, and trying to keep the tree open
  • Started working with GSoC student, and making progress on the project (maildir tests)

Question Time

  • rkent: What would it take to get Standard8 into these meetings?
    • Would it be possible to change the meeting time to accommodate Standard8?
  • rkent: Is it possible to have a get-together? How do we make that happen?
    • There might be a "everybody in engineering" work-week happening in the Fall. That _might_ occur in Europe, not sure. It'd be offsite. Maybe we could piggyback off that.
  • rkent: Is the status of MoCo staff working on TB any different from volunteers?
    • Not really, no.

Action Items

  • irving to ping Standard8 about FotT for sshagarwal
  • mconley to talk to clokep about stuff
    • Done - the GSoC student is going to try to tackle this. clokep estimates one or two days work.
  • wsmwk to follow up with Ludo about a testing plan for 31 and announcement to get testers on board
  • irving to ask Standard8 about a new meeting time that works with him
  • rkent to start the discussion on getting a get-together going.
  • mconley to talk to mhoye about funding access
    • Done - waiting on callback.