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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-07-17 Today's minutes taker, please don't forget to : - save etherpad before clearing for this meeting, if etherpad wasn't previously cleared (but copy "Action items" to the top before clearing) - after end of meeting, copy entire etherpad contents to a new dated wiki page on so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog. - save etherpad, copy "Action items" to "Action items from last meetings", and clear the rest of etherpad comments


  • mconley, rkent, clokep, irving, jcranmer, usul,fallen

Action items from last meetings

  • mconley (rkent?) to contact bkerensa about sshagarwal for FoTT
    • We apparently don't have any swag, according to bkerensa.
    • Ask rebron? marsha knous
  • mconley to send Usul email about David K...? (NZ)
  • ludo to follow up with NZ volunteer for Social Media/publicity, connect him with bkerensa
  • mconley to start thread on tb-planning on new governance strategy
    • Done, but this appears to be going nowhere...

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues


Round Table


  • developer needed to finish patch for topcrash Bug 789397 @ nsACString_internal::Assign due to out of range
    • rkent to look at it.


  • started investigating potential mid-term solution for build system issues (pseudo-rework, concept at bug 1035599)


  • Upcoming summit: funding, agenda, people list.

Question Time

  • Regarding fundraising - I've heard that we might want to ask MoCo or MoFo for funds before we attempt to fundraise, because there is apparently money put aside for community events like this. I've been repeatedly directed to an internal form that allows us to request funds - but in order to do that, we need fixed numbers of attendees.
    • Should we try to get everybody funded, and if we get shot down, see what the minimum is, and then fundraise the rest.

Support team


  • put Thursday Thunderbird meetings on your calendar :)
  • what to do about needinfo / review bugs blocked on bienvenu? (his last bug comment July 2013)

Action Items

  • Usul to contact rebron or marsha about swag
  • mconley to push tb-planning thread to clear out absentee module owners and peers to create vacuum to fill.
  • Everybody: go through during the next meeting and assign some stuff - do this at the next meeting.
  • rkent to work with David on putting notes together for 31 release to demonstrate how much work it was.
  • mconley to find out how much money we could possibly get from MoCo for this community event

Adjourn :