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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-08-14 Today's minutes taker, please don't forget to : - save etherpad before clearing for this meeting, if etherpad wasn't previously cleared (but copy "Action items" to the top before clearing) - after end of meeting, copy entire etherpad contents to a new dated wiki page on so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog. - save etherpad, copy "Action items" to "Action items from last meetings", and clear the rest of etherpad comments


  • wsmwk, mconley, rkent, jcranmer, JosiahOne, rtanglao, Standard8, clokep, florian, Paenglab, mkmelin

Action items from last meetings

  • mconley: Send mail to David K about getting us some release notes (bug 1042526)
    • Done. wsm has needinfo David K on the bug
  • mconley: Get keys to Thunderbird blog (infra:webops)
    • Done.
  • mconley: Get amandel to send me quote about a TB video at Summit
    • In progress
  • Discuss: Proposal to Mozilla about Thunderbird direction / intent.
  • "bienvenu bugs" - need to clean up bugs blocked on needinfo / review, and PM him on any that truly require his input? (his last bug comment July 2013)
    • Did anybody do this?
      • rkent will review the bugs/flags (wsm has slowing been working on this and will assist)

Friends of the tree

clokep proposes IanN for helping to get our tree green

Current status and discussions

  • Blog
    • rkent has a list of possible posts:
      • Usage stats, donation plans (once they're set up), summit (once approved), profiles on each volunteer (this sounds awesome), governance (once set up), updates on calendar / chat, security (SMIME, PGP/Enigmail, Darkmail?), L10n, core mission, how can you help
      • roland: rkent i can help with content calendar aka "etherpad of posts and who wil do them when"; also i believe i can coerce :-) ludo into doing community member interviews again (he did them before)
  • Summit
    • It's very difficult to know what's going on. We get little glimpses - like, "Mitchell is looking at this now". So rkent is not privy to what's going on. Glad it's moving that level, but the fear is that we've somehow unleashed the discussion about Thunderbird's existence at the highest level.
    • So we're waiting. Set a hard deadline a week and a half ago, and almost pulled the plug but then heard about Mitchell, so... not sure when we'll hear back.

Critical Issues

  • Trees are slowly but surely getting more green
  • Bugs blocking us from unthrottling are getting attention

Pending m-c Issues (bug 1054354)

  • Change to let semantics (Bug 1054357)


Round Table


  • Theme status for TB 31 seems to be "very good". No significant regressions and bugs in the theme component are much less that what they were for 24.
  • Starting Saturday I will start porting changes relating to the V2 code signing signatures for OS X.
    • TL;DR: Apple screwed us over again.
  • I'm also starting work on changes to the UI for OS X 10.10. Nothing too severe though.
  • Have a couple reviews to do, but pretty much caught up.


  • Attended Black Hat and Def Con (for work)
    • Saw a presentation from the Lavabit guys about Dark Mail, it went into some technical details
      • The reference implementation for the client (Volcano) is built on Thunderbird
      • The messages are "losslessly" MIME-compatible
      • Sent a message to tb-planning
      • Briefly talked to the guy working on the reference implementation and he sent me an email yesterday, I pointed him to #maildev & tb-planning and encouraged him to work with us
  • Sent a message to about WebRTC over IRC:!topic/
    • Comments would be welcome (I owe a reply to aleth)
  • First all green Instantbird builds today in a while! Thanks to all the people working on the builds! :)


  • Tree is slowly getting more green and the build system is getting fixed
    • Bug 1040009 should have the ultimate build fixes for pseudo-rework (haven't uploaded the fixed comm-central patch yet)


  • Made contact with amandel about getting a donation campaign video made. He needs more information about what we'd want before he can give us a quote:
    • Length? (What's the length of most Kickstarter / IndieGogo videos? 2 min? 5 min?)
    • Music?
    • We might want to script something out and show it to him.
    • Roland (and I am sure Ludo) can help amandel with photos for the video and amateur video stuff


  • Still on the Prefs in Tab. I have the Account manager now also in this tab. I'm hoping the remaining issues can be fixed at the summit. (Bug 925746)
  • Done some small theme patches and hope they can go to TB 31ESR.


  • Helped jcranmer with c-c fixes
  • Released 32.0b1
  • Triaged and started loading TB 31.x bug fixes

Question Time

Support team


Action Items

  • rkent and wsmwk to unblock / deal with bienvenu bugs