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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-09-25 Today's minutes taker, please don't forget to : - save etherpad before clearing for this meeting, if etherpad wasn't previously cleared (but copy "Action items" to the top before clearing) - after end of meeting, copy entire etherpad contents to a new dated wiki page on so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog. - save etherpad, copy "Action items" to "Action items from last meetings", and clear the rest of etherpad comments



  • mconley, josiahOne, clokep

Action items from last meetings

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Current status and discussions

Critical Issues


Round Table


  • I've sent out communications about the summit. If you're one of the invited attendees, and you haven't received an email from me with a registration link, please contact me ASAP.
  • While we've gotten approval from the highest authority, getting all of that on paper seems to be hard, but that's something our vendors require. This is my current struggle.
  • Filed a bug to get a mailing list for summit attendees - bug 1071670.
  • Made contact with Adam Muntner (Security @ Moz), :adamm - he knows the Darkmail folks, and said he was willing to facilitate communications with them.



  • V2 Code Signing work
    • Robert Strong (:rstrong) was kind enough to port several of the changes to TB, so I only have to review those and we should mostly V2 compatible.
    • Both Thunderbird and Firefox are being white listed by Apple for some time, so updating to the new code signing isn't as urgent as previously thought.
    • Sadly though the white listing is per-version, and will take some time before new versions are white listed. E.G. 31.1.2 has not yet been white listed. Fortunately Gatekeeper doesn't check software updates, only first-time runs, so affected users should be limited.
  • Quite behind on reviews and ui-reviews, apologies for that. I'm going to try to get all reviews done by next week.

Question Time

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Action Items

  • rkent and wsmwk to unblock / deal with bienvenu bugs