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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-10-09

Previous meetings


clokep, mconley, mkmelin, rolandtanglao, florian, rkent, JosiahOne, sshagarwal

Action items from last meetings

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues

  • There are several critical bugs keeping us from doing the move from 24 to 31. Please leave these here until they're fixed.


  • Hightail is being migrated out of the default Filelink provider list. See bug 1080587
  • Thunderbird has not been submitting data to Telemetry. See bug 956101.

Round Table


  • Been in discussion with Aaron Mandel
    • Take over the TB start page
    • Have everybody at the Summit give a 3-4 sentence description of what they do on Thunderbird that we can use on the start page.
    • This would be quite a change - we'd be raising the profile of individual contributors to the project.
    • Aaron will be there Thursday and Friday. Will do some video of the whole group / group shots, and then do some individual shots.
    • The script is difficult. Any help with words would be wonderful. Please help. Time is short.



  • Nothing new, the same pending from two weeks ago:
    • I plan to enable our JavaScript Yahoo implementation for Thunderbird ASAP (as soon as the tree opens again):
    • Plan to take a look at creating the "Additional Protocols for Thunderbird" (i.e. libpurple for TB) "soon"


I will be taking portrait and group photos for future marketing material and blog posts; if you don't want your photo taken or on the internet or marketing materials let me know and I won't include you!

Question Time

  • Should we be using Treeherder or tbpl? (stars migrate one-way from treeherder -> tbpl)
    • tbpl operational "the next quarter", after that unknown

Support team


Action Items

  • mconley to try to book Osgoode for the morning of Friday for various smaller talks
    • mconley to talk to jlin about streaming