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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-10-23 Previous meetings:


rkent, clokep, jcranmer, josiahOne, wsmwk, sshagarwal, aleth, rolandtaglao, mkmelin, bkerensa, clokep, florian, aceman, ludo

Action items from last meetings

  • mconley to try to book Osgoode for the morning of Friday for various smaller talks
    • mconley to talk to jlin about streaming

Friends of the tree

  • Jonathan Nightingale for approving override of certificates in bug 1042889
  • clokep for doing checkin-needed

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues

  • Several critical bugs keeping us from moving from 24 to 31. Please leave these here until they're fixed.
    • Frequent POP3 crasher bug 902158 On current aurora and beta?
      • we won't have data/insight til next week, assuming the relevant builds are built. crash-stats for nightly builds is not useful - direct user testing of the fixed build is required
    • Self-signed certs are having difficulty bug 1036338 SOLVED!
    • Auto-complete bugs?bug 1045753 waiting to land bug 1043310 Waiting for review, still


Round Table


  • We are working on replacing the top of the Mailnews and Thunderbird module owner tree with new names (currently Bienvenu and Standard8), after that we should start cleaning up the submodules
  • standard8 has an hg repo that contains the release driver tools ( I think we should clone that, and move to a public location. Maybe ? How is this not public? repos can certainly be public TABLED
  • A very high priority is getting together people who would be interested in helping with various parts of the release process. Let's get the process documented so that 2-4 people know enough to do it reliably. Who might be interested (or should we encourage to be interested?) We need to talk to standard8 about this, but we need to know who might talk.
    • rkent, wsmwk, magnus, bkerensa
  • Do we have to have the tree approval-only all of the time for checkins? That just forces all patches to checkin-needed as it is too much hassle to do individually. We need more people who can a= : Jcranmer to document process so we can expand the list
  • I would like to assemble all of the proposals from the Summit for TB 38 and track them somehow. Could various teams prepare their thoughts on reasonable goals for TB 38? For mailnews, that would include:
    • working maildir
    • >4GB folders
    • New Account Types (Skinkglue) integration
    • Compose in an extension option
    • Gmail OAUTH resolution



  • We should put something in for the Monday meeting. Is anyone able to attend that? If not, we should have Potch read it.
    • Add "We did a summit and organized ourselves to be community driven! Woot!"
  • The new IRC servers for moznet broke our code in a couple of ways, I pushed fixes on Monday: bug 1080838 and bug 1078223.
    • For the record, one was a server bug, one was a chat bug. The inspircd guys have already fixed their bug for next release.
    • Will look to uplift these to TB 31.x. Who makes these decisions now? -> Standard8
  • checkin-needed is still really long (~24), making some progress when the tree looks vaguely green-ish.
  • Trying to build the Additional Chat Protocols for Thunderbird ( ) for TB 31


see Support Team


I propose to update the time of the meeting again. From what I remember it was moved to sooner time to allow standard8 to join the meetings. Now that will probably not be required in the future. For me, the current meeting time + 3 hours was acceptable (as it was before the change).+1 this meeting is super early A.M. +1, the former time was better rkent will try to attend the channel meeting


  • Bug 925746 - Option to Open the Preferences in a Tab had a first review during the summit. A second try waits for review.
    • I have some issues with mike's proposals from first review, but it is on a good way.


  • Long time no see!
  • bug-fixing progress:
    • Bug 1011642 - Making promises usable for TB: implementation done, still working on tests
    • Bug 998191 - Gigantic compose patch queue (adding structured headers to compose)
  • Looking at:
    • MSVC 2013 support (bug 1085767)
    • Header parsing regression (bug 1055077)
  • Sorry about my review queue, hope to clear it out this weekend
  • Will be in San Jose next week (M-R) for LLVM dev mtg


  • bugzilla isues
    • looking at creating whines for important bugs, like release tracking bugs
    • status and keyword guidelines for reviewers and others
    • process related issues in general (example wanted-TB38)


  • Back to school, yay! :(
  • Finally will start getting to work on single-line input fields, especially since jcranmer is getting structured headers stuff going.
  • Yosemite bugs.
  • Richard, Blake, and I have decided to remove AndreasN as a Theme owner, leaving Richard as the primary owner. I emailed Andreas and Blake PM'd Andreas and he's totally okay with it. Emails will be going out to tb-planning and soon.


  • 15 people in the meeting! Wow, looks like the summit really did energize the community :-).
    • ++ (wsmwk)
  • Got some data about how often the start page is loaded:
    • Summary: 500M page view per month, 20M per day on week days, 10M per day on week-end days.
    • Some surprises:
      • more hits on the de locale than en-US.
      • the startpage for the ja locale is redirected to a different domain name:
      • 3.0 and 3.1 users don't see the start page but page with a download button, possibly to encourage them to upgrade.
  • I added aleth as a peer of the "Thunderbird : Instant Messaging" submodule.


  • l10n:
    • be thinking about inclusion of intl users
    • need l10n driver, marketer, ...


  • Fixing maildir issues.
  • Waiting for reviews.
  • Waiting for a few check-ins from chat/ to complete stuck up chat bugs.


Non-Verbal Update:

  • Encourage someone to start talking to standard8 about him vouching someone for LDAP/VPN/Mozilla Security Group Membership. Whoever is a driver of Release Management for TB will need all three of those privileges. Because these tools can take months (especially the last one) to be vetted for it might be good to start looking into this. Will also need to have NDA and Commiter Agreement on file.


  • working on bug 1074793 (privacy bug)
  • some reviews, still some requests in queue

Question Time

  • What was the update on ensemble (addressbook) during the summit?

iirc sshagarwal was interested in this? yes

    • A formal addressing of the plan is pending and need for devs. to work on it exists.

Support team

  • [roland] We need to update the gmail article about the gmail auth situation. Anybody else want to help out? email rtanglao AT or just do it and email me a link to your edit. If I don't hear anything by 4p.m. Pacific today, I will do it myself :-) Summary of the edit:
    • if you start a new gmail account, you can't use thunderbird without thunderbird code changes which the TB team is working on in bug 849540
    • if you have a gmail account that is at least a year old (what's the exact date is it before June 2014?), then to use TB or another email client you have to go to gmail settings to enable TB

Is this something that should be on the start page? - maybe who takes care of the start page? good question. Standard8?


Action Items

  • jcranmer: Approval needed checkin list
  • wsmwk: develop new meeting time for Tuesdays