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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-11-06 Previous meetings:


rkent, mconley, florian, jcranmer, aceman, bkerensa, Fallen, wsmwk

Action items from last meetings

  • jcranmer: Approval needed checkin list (complete)
  • wsmwk: develop new meeting time for Tuesdays

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues

  • Several critical bugs keeping us from moving from 24 to 31. Please leave these here until they're confirmed fixed.
    • Frequent POP3 crasher bug 902158 On current aurora and beta?
      • we won't have data/insight till next week, assuming the relevant builds are built. crash-stats for nightly builds is not useful - direct user testing of the fixed build is required
    • Self-signed certs are having difficulty bug 1036338 SOLVED! REOPENED according to the bug?
    • Auto-complete bugs?bug 1045753 waiting for esr approval bug 1043310 Waiting for review, still


Round Table


  • I've spent a lot of time looking into backend issues prompted by maildir and >4GB issues, with very little to show for it so far. But it is clear that if we are going to get these issues resolved in the TB 38 it is going to take a lot of review time probably from me.
  • Roles:
    • No response from Standard8 on updating module owners
    • Release Manager: Monitor bugs needs for release, approve patches
    • Release Driver: Lead team on the process to push releases to production
    • Fund raising effort - how to organize? We need a team? Roland to help with the video, but who is a marketing person? Blog post?
    • checkin-needed processing - who can do?


  • Bug 1080587 - Freeze current set of Hightail users
    • This has r+ from mkmelin - thanks Magnus!
  • Review queue is starting to grow again - might have some time on Friday for reviews.
  • Summit video - I have it, I've cut it up, and I just need to upload it. Is it OK if I just post the governance talk, and not the Lightning stuff?


When do we reopen the tree? I mean the permanent approval-needed state!

  • Once the perma-fails are gone. Perma fails on all platforms? I think OS X is the big one there. Yes. Until somebody fixes it, the other platforms get broken again by m-c, I expect. Not sure what answer you're looking for here. :) "Its always going to be broken" :-) Yes, and that is a bad answer :) I hope its not the right answer, just playing the devil's advocate. aceman - maybe follow-up with jcranmer - we've moved on.


  • dkoelmeyer
  • engaging bienevenu
  • in contact with standard8 about release driving/management
  • assessed effectiveness of bug 902158 POP3 topcrash
  • massaging Thunderbird usage stats


  • Laptop went kaput. New Laptop. Yay?
  • Going back to looking at some quick build system stuff
  • Review queue is still unfinished due to the first two points. :-(

Question Time

Is anyone looking at approval requests (for uplift to TB31)? We have approval-needed patches that should ideally be in the next release (19th) We call this the "Release Manager" role, and Magnus has agreed to start doing that in the future. Features: Is the status of the tree shown on treeherder somewhere and I'm blind? Badly: click on the (i) next to the repo name and there is a popup from which you can get tree status... on a separate page.

  • It shouldn't be this bad (compare with a ... file a bug. I believe this is bug 1088970

Support team

No real update. Still not 100% clear if brand new gmail accounts work with Thunderbird. Maybe they work in certain locales? (Axel created a fresh gmail account in Ireland and it worked fine with Thunderbird)


Action Items

  • wsmwk: Get the Thunderbird 38 bugzilla flag created