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Thunderbird meeting notes 2015-01-13. Previous meetings:


mconley, jcranmer, mkmelin, Paenglab, rkent, florian

Action items from last meetings

  • wsmwk: Get the Thunderbird 38 bugzilla tracking flag created bug 1114352
    • This appears to be done. Thanks Wayne!

Friends of the tree

  • Hiro!!
  • arai (on irc) for stepping in and helping smoketest TB 31.4.0 just before release
  • Fallen for bug 1083374

Current status and discussions

  • TB 31.4.0 just released today!

Critical Issues

Critical bugs. Please leave these here until they're confirmed fixed.

  • bug 1043310 DONE, yay!
    • This appears to be RESOLVED as of January 12!
  • Auto-complete improvements - some of those could go into esr31
    • (bug 970456 (RESOLVED as of Jan 9th),
    • bug 1091675 (RESOLVED as of Nov 22nd)
    • bug 118624)
      • Marked as a Good First Bug. Not yet fixed - no activity for about 1 month.
  • bug 1045958TB 31 jp does not display folder pane with OS X sec-other (so bug is non-public until fixed) (RESOLVED as of Jan 9)
  • Bug 1117637 - calendar mozmill osx-signing-change perma-test-failure
    • xpcshell part is fixed, waiting on staging access to test buildbotcustom patch (bug 1117811)


Round Table


  • I landed bug 998191 structured header for nsIMsgCompFields. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Review queue is still a tad full
  • Filed bug 1121107 about mozmill -- thoughts?
  • Sending email to GMail folks on some questions with OAuth and dynamic client registration, hope to hear back this week
  • Blog updates:
    • Unified comm-central history!
    • Why email security failed


  • Happy new year! Welcome back!
  • Cleared out most of my review queue over the holidays! \o/
  • Working with sshargarwal on a strategy to move the Mork-based contact store to a SQLite backed on, while still providing the nsIAb* interfaces. ensemble lives!


  • Prefs in Tab landed (preffed off)
    • Firefox is planning to enable the in-content prefs in 38. I think we should try to do the same. But this needs the landing of bug 1096006 - Add AccountManager to the prefs in tab. To do this I would be grateful if someone could help me, make the selection of the actual account and the jumping to a page in AM working.


  • Many maildir bugs landed, I have switched my main profile now to use maildir
  • Big issue for me is will I have time to get SkinkGlue ready for TB 38


  • If you're connecting to moznet and autojoining lots of channels, that should be noticeably faster now.

Question Time

Support team

  • no update, Ludo I think it's time organize a maildir test day and involve support and qa folks testing in a new profile on Aurora!!!!


Action Items