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Thunderbird meeting notes 2015-01-27. Previous meetings:


aceman, aleth, clokep, Fallen, florian, jcranmer, mconley, Paenglab, redDragon, Reid, rkent, TheOne, wesmwk, mkmelin, MakeMyDay

Action items from last meetings

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues

Critical bugs. Please leave these here until they're confirmed fixed.

  • Auto-complete improvements - some of those could go into esr31


  • Thunderbird 38 moves to Earlybird ~ February 24, 2015
    • features: - which ones are still possible, and worthy of priority/time?
      • bug 430716 - Develop a scriptable, plug-able protocol layer sample
        • I am running out of time for this. Since I can still do this with an addon, this may have to wait. My priorities are 1) finishing maildir (maybe >4GB mbox if aceman is up for it) then I think I need to move to crashers, important problems, and regressions
      • bug 479823 - archive filter rules: FIXED
      • bug 789679 - Remove 4GB of folder size warning (mailboxTooLarge="
      • bug 845952 - finish "maildir" message storage [meta]
      • bug 849540 - OAuth 2.0 Gmail (IMAP/SMTP)
      • bug 1113183 - Integrate Lightning Into Thunderbird by Default
    • Do we still push risky backend patches for the TB38 goals, like bug 894012 (one review) or bug 793865 ? Or is that time over?
      • depends when/if the are ready to land, how risky, are they *essential* to maildir*, and should it have had a full cycle on trunk? can you augment/get testing out now rather than wait to land on trunk by having some users test with try builds? They are only essential to MBOX 4GB (aceman).
      • A: case-by-case basis
      • are they backward compatible? bug 894012 convert expungedBytes to 64bit. Bug 793865 -nsIMsgParseMailMsgState.envelopePos
        • Nothing we're landing is not backwards compatible within reason (like, if you try to run a new profile in a TB < 17, you're going to have a bad time.)
        • To clarify my spoken comment: going from TB 38 to TB 24 is not necessarily needed to be supported, but TB 24 to TB 38 does
      • As I have said before, I think it is a mistake to hold bugs like 894012 waiting for 2 reviews. All that does is reduce the testing time. Generally no it is not too late to add risky TB38 bugs, if anything we need to push hard to get these last few bugs landed. Especially if they require strings.

So as I said in the bug, just decide on the landing and do it. I have nothing against it. (aceman)

  • TB 36 beta?
    • My understanding is that Standard8 and wsmwk needed to work out timing for this
    • Conversation with Standard8 + rkent - there's a good team of people to be involved (with wsmwk), and they just need to organize with Standard8.

Lightning to Thunderbird Integration


Round Table


  • We have two calendar gsoc project ideas :)
    • Resource booking (rooms, projectors, etc)
    • Accounts containg multiple calendars, allowing calendar list hierarchy and backend improvements. Future new features include notifications when new caldav calendars are created.


  • We need a fix for the send filter bug, perhaps just forcing the Sent Items folder to be offline-enabled if there are Send filters in use
  • I want to land the UI to allow users to create maildir as the default, though it is still not an easy process.
  • I finally managed to have a brief chat with Standard8 about Module owners. He said he needed to "talk to some people" and would try to do that this week.
  • How are we going to manage pushing patches into aurora and beta?



  • Added some GSoC ideas
  • OAuth support is working, but no UI hooked up
    • Needs XPIDL promises as currently implemented
  • Mail docker now supports Dovecot
  • Started talking to email.js people about sharing code for implementations


This is just a status update to answer the question in the "Upcoming" section. 4GB folders progressing, only bug 894012 and bug 793865 remaining AFAIK for mbox. And then a 3rd trivial patch allowing mbox growing above 4GB. Meta bug for mbox is 789679. For maildir it is bug 1078367 (has some more stuff to do).

Question Time

  • tree is in good shape again. time to drop approval required?
    • Lets wait until the windows debug issue lands on m-c (its on m-i rightnow)
  • Plan on dropping tbpl, is there any last things that don't work for treeherder in c-c?
    • No!

Support team

  • no update, roland will be away during the time of the meeting


Action Items

  • wsmwk to get in touch with Standard8 re: beta.
  • rkent to work with Standard8 (and Fallen) on issues of of tracking flags and 2. pushing into aurora and beta for TB 38. (meeting generally agreed that mkmelin and rkent would be appropriate to manage pushing patches forward into aurora and beta).