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Thunderbird meeting notes 2015-03-10. NOON PST. Previous meetings:


Pegasus, rkent, theone, jcranmer, mconley, wsmwk, rolandt, jorgk, aceman

Action items from last meetings

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues

Critical bugs. Please leave these here until they're confirmed fixed.

  • Auto-complete improvements - some could go into esr31 (bug 1042561 has a proposed patch)
  • ldap crasher: we'll need to see this in beta, trial patch should be in beta 37
  • certificate crasher: looking at crash stats for c-c I believe this is fixed.
  • Lightning integration
  • maildir UI: nothing more to do for UI, still want to land a patch for letting IMAP set this.
  • gloda IM search regressions: mostly fixed, some db cleanup necessary for users of TB33+ that nhnt11 will hopefully have ready to land soon.
  • bug 1064230 .. crashes during LDAP search made worse by Search All Addressbooks

Release Issues


  • Thunderbird 38 interface freeze mid March. (2015-03-17+/-few days)
  • 31.5.0 ships today (2015-02-24)
  • 37.0b1 in progress, wsmwk managing, sylvestre driving
  • 37.0b2 - ?? driving

Lightning to Thunderbird Integration


  • As underpass has pointed out repeatedly (thanks for your patience!) , we need to rewrite / heavily modify the lightning articles on let me know irc: rolandtanglao on #tb-support-crew or rtanglao AT OR simply start editing the articles

Round Table

JosiahOne (Not at meeting)

  • Reviews caught up
  • Fixed and verified that V2 OS X signatures are functioning properly. Landed on c-c, c-a, and c-b.

mconley (likely going to be late)

  • Have fallen behind on reviews. Hope to catch up this weekend.
  • Trying to help mkaply track down the owner of the Dropbox API keys used for the Dropbox Filelink provider add-on, since he's got some OAuth2 patches.
  • (wsmwk etherpad bombing) is broken bug 1045845


  • Waiting on reviews for several patches
  • I did some work on prospective DB API
    • Started developing a test database for performance investigation
  • More work on XPCOM promise patch refreshing
  • Did a preliminary review of the JMAP specification


Jorg K (Vidyo not working, dialin via the UK number also not working)

  • Issues concerning mail compose window:
  • Autocomplete (critical) - bug 1042561 - patch proposed, analysis by Neil Rashbrook
  • Old bugs, spelling bug 1100966, Ehsan might provide fix; lost fonts bug 756984, bug 1140617, ongoing
  • New bug, font indicator bug 1139524, patch proposed


  • I will be in Mountain View in a week, I'll see if I can find some Mozilla managers who will talk to me.
  • In my blog posts about upcoming Thunderbird 38 features, I will introduce the branding "Avocet" for the Thunderbird 38 release (specifically the Pied Avocet for coloration). Next major release, presumably Thunderbird 45, will be Bunting.
  • The "Thunderbird Usage Continues to Grow" blog post generated lots of comments, plus discussions around the internet. I think we have made our point that Thunderbird is not dead, and discovered there are a lot of people glad to hear it.
  • For the Bunting release, major issues that we would like to make progress on are:
    • JMAP trial implementation (project brewing this summer with Fastmail, MesQuilla, and Suyash).
    • Carddav implementation (possible new contributor funded by an outside company)
    • Security has a lot of interest, we need to keep talking about that and how we can meet user expectations.

Question Time

Pegasus (no Vidyo, no phone)

Has there been any talk of using Sync for Thunderbird account settings? And then of Android (and iOS) versions, that integrate with the devices' own built-in calendar & contact stores? (the canonical bug for sync is bug 446444

  • providing sync could help users not do do silly stuff like put their profiles on cloud services and have shitty performance and other issues. This has been seen several times in support.

Support team

  • [roland] Before TB38, I would like to delete all content that references Thunderbird 24 and lower (i.e. TB 3.1, 3) in order to prevent obsolete TB 3.1 material conflicting with TB31 material. Any objections? link? No link since people keep emailing me about this. Don't email me, start a thread in the contributor forum


  • Note - meeting notes must be copied from etherpad to wiki before 5AM CET next day so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.

Action Items