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wmlThunderbird notes 2016-01-12. NOON PT (Pacific). For meeting time, previous notes and call-in details see


  • MakeMyDay, rkent, Jorg K, Marco A.G. Pinto, mkmelin, ba, Pegasus, jcranmer


  • version 45
  • governance, futures
  • builds
  • bug bug 1211160 - Why is updates with calendar add-on messing with Thunderbird?

Action items from last meetings

Current status / Announcements

Current Release Critical Issues

Leave critical bugs here until confirmed fixed. If confirmed, then remove.


  • Fixed - bug 1183490 - (dataloss) New emails do not adhere to sort by order received
    • Plan is to understand issues in converting completely to nextKey = ++lastKey for non-IMAP, then plan how much to implement for 38.3.0 A simple fix of the dataloss is probable. I have a try patch that does the nextKey = ++lastKey that works, now I need to think about patch for 38 (bug 1202105 needs to go to trunk and 38)
    • update 2015-10-20, patches have been posted but waiting for reviews for 2 weeks (aceman will look at those)
    • update 2015-11-17, review done 11-14, need to update and land.

(I think this bug is done and can be removed from here)

important (but not top critical)

  • status TBD - bug 1182629 - update to 38.1.0 from 38.0.1 re-enables disabled Lightning
  • status TBD - bug 1176399 - Multiple master password when GMail OAuth2 is enabled
  • status TBD - bug 1176748 - fix main thread proxies to the migration code (jorgk and m_kato have done such fixes in the past)
  • filelink, proxy,
  • topcrash bug 1149287 is ** 31% of our crashes** - see below

Version 45

  • tracking-tb45 flags: unfixed ?/+ -
  • Items that may need to be checked and tested: gtk3, windows 10, windows 64bit?
  • hardware acceleration - not looking promising (no changes / no testing in recent months)
  • jsaccount should come in aurora


  • Past
    • 42.0b2 2015-10-13 (42.0b1 abandoned)
    • 42.0b3 ~2015-09-23 (skipped)
    • 38.4.0 2015-11-25 (quite late) - many release notes issues HOWEVER, mostly uneventful with regard to Lightning updates. YAY!
    • 38.5.0
    • 38.5.1
    • 43.0b1


Past releases:

Upcoming releases:

Round Table

Jorg K

  • Landed:
  • Awaiting review:
    • bug 1175839 - JSMime regression, square brackets not quoted correctly.
    • bug 1231917 - funny artefacts when replying to a saved message.
    • bug 1235205 - dictionary selection problem.
  • Triaged a heap of "Core::Spelling Checker" bugs with the aim to close bugs for fixed problems and get an idea of what's still broken.
  • Ongoing:
    • Message encoding problem: bug 597369, Override charset carried over to the next message processed.
    • More en-US dictionary clean-up: bug 301712, bug 1238031
    • Investigating why drafts folder gets corrupted every few months bug 1216914

Question Time

When will we get 64 bit Thunderbird builds on Windows. They are built right now for Daily, for example:


Friends of the tree

Action Items

Help Wanted