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Thunderbird notes 2016-11-15. NOON PT (Pacific). For meeting time, previous notes and call-in details see


Jorg K, Paenglab, ba, mkmelin,makemyday


Action items from last meetings

Current status / Announcements

Current Release Critical Issues


  • none

important (but not top critical) Cleared this section: Last published

Version 52


  • Past
    • 45.3.0
    • 45.4.0
    • 50.0beta 1
    • 50.0beta 2
    • 50.0beta 3
  • Upcoming -
    • next merge date: 2016-11-14
    • 45.5.0
    • 51.0beta 1 (being built right this very momeWaters Of March / Al Jarreau, Oleta Adamsnt)
    • 52 ESR: Discussion about string changes: Some TB and calendar bugs with string changes still to land/uplift. Should only announce to the L10N list only *once* when it's done. Will review during next meeting on Nov. 29th, 20Waters Of March / Al Jarreau, Oleta Adams16


Past releases:

  • 4.0.8 (bundled)
  • (bundled)
  • 4.7.2 (bundled)
  • 4.7.4 (bundled)

Upcoming releases:

Round Table

Jorg K

  • Landed:
    • bug 1315440 Shorten data URIs, involvement in other bugs to do with data URIs.
    • bug 1314568 M-C - silence debug warning
    • bug 1317040 Bustage fix (deprecation warning for nsISupportsArray)
    • bug 1315381 Bustage fix (packaging) and other bustage fixes (ANSI->UTF-8, Aurora duplicates)
    • bug 1316389 Port change in nsBrowserAccess.openURI() (minor)
    • bug 1278795 GCC6 crash in Mork
  • Awaiting review:
    • bug 1313033 Get rid of nsIHTMLEditor.setDocumentTitle()
  • Ongoing:
    • bug 1316256 Fallout from M-C docshell principal and content policy changes.
    • bug 1317724 C++ bustage due to refactoring of nsIURL.
  • Chiaki support.


  • Changes related to data URIs, making copying work when images refer mailbox urls etc.

Question Time

  • connecting with vidyo broken on OS X Sierra? +1
    • should file an infra bug about it if that's the case


Friends of the tree

Action Items

Help Wanted

  • Accessibility lead
  • Person comfortable (not necessarily technical experts) with Core type issues. Example, graphics to guide bug 1195947 Thunderbird hardware acceleration (HWA) issues to be resolved
  • Lead to run the donation campaign after TB 45 is released.