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Thunderbird notes 2017-06-13 NOON PT (Pacific). For meeting time, previous notes and call-in details see


Jorg K, Paenglab, mkmelin,


Action items from last meetings

Current status / Announcements

Current Release Critical Issues


Version 52


  • Past
    • 45.8.0 (2017-03-07)
    • 52.0beta 4 (2017-02-28)
    • 53.0b1 (2017-04-10)
    • 52.0 ESR (2017-04-04)
    • 52.0.1 ESR (2017-04-14)
    • 53.0b2 (2017-04-19)
    • 52.1.0 ESR (2017-04-30) (rush job for gmail problem)
    • 52.1.1 ESR (2017-05-15 - plan to enable automatic updates from 45.x)
    • 54.0b1 (2017-05-19)
    • 54.0b2 (2017-05-25)
    • 54.0b3 (2017-06-02)


Past releases:

  • 4.7.8 (bundled)
  • 5.4 (TB 52 ESR)

Upcoming releases:

Round Table

Jorg K

  • Landed:
    • bug 1368738 Use GetSpecIgnoringRef() in GetPrincipalSpec() in all protocols, fixes anchor links.
    • bug 1366273 restore code to check link target exists.
    • bug 1369403 bustage-fix (sandbox.xpt)
    • bug 1369835 bustage-fix (code based principal call replacement)
    • bug 1364723 Regression: Newsgroups, link: "Click here to remove all expired articles" stopped working
    • bug 1368646 Bustage-fix Port nsSemanticUnitScanner to mailnews
    • bug 1363281 Port "Replace uconv with encoding_rs" to mailnews
    • bug 1371898 Bustage-fix (localstore.rdf import)
    • bug 1367156 Prioritise image parts lower and make them undisplayable when plain text is required
    • bug 1371300 Bustage-fix (python directory moved)
    • bug 1364977 remove obs_documentCreated observer in ComposeUnload(), trivial.
    • bug 1370011 fix crash in ParseMailtoUrl()
    • bug 1369345 Bustage-fix (Remove messageWakeupService)



  • Added the features, channel, organizations, and all build download pages on
    • Download buttons added for all languages and platforms.
    • Found a CDN (for website) that should work and won't cost hundreds per month, testing Cloudfront.
    • Next: remaining two items to get this up on are release notes and language rewrite code
    • A few URLs are broken and the site needs a final polish pass after notes/language rewrites are done.
  • Started researching how to set up AMO and determining whether this is even realistic, will be another couple weeks before I have anything to report.
  • Want to use New Relic synthetics for testing the website and the only services in place of Site 24x7, probably would take 1-2 weeks to set up.





Question Time

Action Items

Help Wanted

  • Accessibility lead
  • Person comfortable (not necessarily technical experts) with Core type issues. Example, graphics to guide bug 1195947 Thunderbird hardware acceleration (HWA) issues to be resolved