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Thunderbird notes 2020-06-23 NOON PT (Pacific). For meeting time, previous notes and call-in details see


Aleca, sancus, mkmelin, ryan, Wayne, hilary, Khushil, Paenglab, rob, Paul, Lasana


  • Past
    • 78.0b2 - 2020-06-17

Round Table

Geoff (not attending, 7 AM in NZ)

  • Landed:
    • bug 1647170 Fix "ReferenceError: rearrangeAttendees is not defined" in calendar event window
    • bug 1635019 Fix "container is undefined" error in panelUI.js
    • bug 1644487 Fix tab argument of menu API when in a message display window
    • bug 1646672 Fix browser_customize.js on Mac
    • bug 1623276 Refresh agenda and unifinder in onEndBatch instead of onLoad
    • bug 1593711 Remove extraneous QueryInterface calls that broke task filtering
    • bug 1627197 Fix <select> elements in WebExtensions action popups
    • bug 1644967 Allow the use of WINDOW_ID_CURRENT in
    • bug 1646878 Ship stylesheets for browser_style
    • bug 546932 Various fixes for CardDAV
    • bug 1645945 Add context menu and other popups to composeAction panel
    • bug 1645945 Fix the context menu and date picker for browserAction panels
    • bug 1645945 Add the mailContext menu to extension popup windows
    • bug 1645719 Create more space for column headers in attendees dialog
    • bug 1639415 Fix "Clear Recent History" window
    • bug 1642189 Fire event when the user changes compose identity
    • bug 1645263 Fix windows and tabs API onCreated/onRemoved events for popup windows
    • bug 1627200 Fix autocomplete popup of <input> with <datalist>
    • bug 1644667 When setting contact properties, convert values to string
    • Many other much less interesting things
  • In progress:
    • Polishing and bug fixing



  • Should have a couple of 78 specific support pages up (extension permissions and Encryption) up today.
  • Have begun work on What’s New Page content and blog post content (where I will be making a note of encryption and the update situation).
  • (A note about moving)


  • OFF NEXT WEEK (6/29 - 7/03)
  • Spent some more time on telemetry, it’s working in Nightly as of today and we are receiving data.
  • Helped with 78 beta release.
    • Started working on decoding and categorizing the reports to eventually make querying them possible
  • ATN stuff:
    • Set max version of all legacy add-ons that had "*" to 73.0.
    • started working on linter
    • changed featured addons
    • some admin work
    • fixed an issue with server side cron script


  • Landed
    • bug 1646232 - Improve handling of "Text Encoding" in the appmenu
    • bug 1646438 - Add OpenPGP key management to tools in the hamburger menu
  • In review:
  • In process:
    • bug 306495 - autodetect remote calendar type so user doesn't need to pick (with DNS or .well-known)
    • bug 357480 - Opening or adding .ics files to calendar by double click
  • In the queue:
    • bug 1631919 - Get the devtools performance profiler working in Thunderbird
    • bug 1562896 - Accept event invitation: Reply wrongly sent from and confirmed for...
  • Other:
    • CalConnect virtual meetings (calendar data format standards organization)


  • betas and release78.0 preparations
    • 78.0 2020-06-30 is what is on the calendar, but we won’t do that - July 6-7 earliest mostly because of non-coding work still to be done - KB documents, Engimail, etc - plus personnel availabilty


  • Landed:
    • bug 1645169 - Improve the CardDAV dialog.
    • bug 1644730 - Use a SVG for the treecol sort arrows to make them themeable.
    • bug 1645687 - Use 2px border radius for the quota meter progress bar.
    • bug 1645700 - Disable some undesired outlines for the searchBox class.
    • bug 1639107 - Port bug 1638153 part 2: Fix uses of .rootTreeItem to get top browser window.
    • bug 1645858 - Regroup the buttons to fit better with locales with long strings.
    • bug 1647087 - Center align the content of the success-container and remove the focus on read-only textfields.
    • bug 1647801 - Rename GetCurrentThreadSerialEventTarget() after bug 1637500.



  • Landed:
    • bug 1627736 - Simpler user onboarding: Add a powerful "Personal Key Configuration Dialog" (PKCD)
    • bug 1645643 - Deleting pills with BACKSPACE (aka DELETE, ←) key sometimes fails on MAC, depending on prior focus
    • bug 1624223 - Thunderbird: Fix the UI spacing and layout of the e2e encryption preferences
    • bug 1612055 - Default order of thread pane columns changed: all iconic columns first (Thread, Starred, Attachments, Read, Junk Status /spam), then text columns: error-prone, useless UI.
    • bug 1645271 - Links in Account Manager open in browser window but also replace the Tab content
  • In progress:
    • bug 1647023 - Add missing actions to the OpenPGP wizard and section in the Account Manager
    • bug 1647355 - Expired key items in e2ee prefs
    • bug 1647039 - [OpenPGP] Improve the UI and UX of the Message Pane
  • Ready to land:
    • bug 1647251 - Starting TB 78 on a profile with many folders gives unresponsive script error
    • bug 1645647 - C-C TB mochitest - JavaScript error: chrome://messenger/content/virtualFolderProperties.js, line 287: TypeError: window.arguments[0].previewSelectedColorCallback is not a function
  • Other:
    • OTR usability test report
    • Bug reviews and UI discussions



  • Landed:
    • bug 1638609 - “Find More Add-ons" button opens ATN in external browser
    • bug 1644345 - C-C TB JavaScript error: .../MsgComposeCommands.js, line 1068: TypeError: can't access property "compFields", gMsgCompose is null - Fix command updating for cmd_toggleReturnReceipt
    • bug 1645094 - Reminder label in the Calendar Summary Dialog is not vertically aligned
    • bug 1644990 - Event reminder dialog - Location URLs are not clickable
    • bug 1644798 - Labels in the tooltip for the events should be right aligned
    • bug 1582410 - message compose should use document.execCommand for editing commands
    • bug 1589863 - The website/URL header for an RSS feed item in the headers pane of the message preview pane is not reachable via keyboard
    • bug 1638874 - Adding any emoji in the compose window throws an error
  • In Review:
    • bug 1573678 - Implement the Preferences Search Field
    • bug 1638822 - convert openpgp strings to Fluent, move to content


No significant monthly donor losses due to COVID Starting diversity and inclusion conversation RE: Thunderbird’s name


Question Time

  • [Ryan] Saw some of the Apple WWDC event, are we going to try to support arm64 Macs?
    • [Rob}Discussion around Firefox supporting it in Matrix, will follow their lead.
  • [Alex] If a topic turns into a bit of a flame, when/how to stop it? Where do we draw the line?
    • [Ryan] Feedback should be constructive and follow the “Be Respectful” portion of the Mozilla CPG. If it crosses the line, then we should do what is necessary to ensure a topic doesn’t devolve into a flame war and that the offending parties are coached properly.

Help Wanted

    • bug 1647251 - Starting TB 78 on a profile with many folders gives unresponsive script error

Current Tree Status


Thunderbird Events Schedule: