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Migration Steps

in rough order with very rough time frames (to be driven by a tracker bug):

  1. test migration of userids to kitsune kb (Jan 2011) - MoMo Web Dev & IT (see UserIdMigrationNotes)
  2. test data migration to kitsune kb (Jan 2011) - MoMo Web Dev
  3. actual data migration - easier to do it by hand unforunately, fortunately we only have 85 articles in (I believe 6 or so languages)
  4. do any CSS and other web design work needed for kitsune kb transition (Jan 2011) - MoMo Web Dev for minor tweaks, unknown if major design changes required
  5. turn off tiki wiki / disable old site and then repeat above steps and go live i.e. remove .htaccess after testing (Feb 2011) - MoMo Web Dev and IT

Notes from James

  • KB articles change syntax, and by January we'll have dropped the migration code from the latest version. It takes time to run and isn't anywhere near 100%. Migrating wiki articles might go better by hand.
  • Users can be moved pretty directly into the new tables with INSERT...SELECT. If you just copy their current passwords (MD5) they'll be updated to a Sha256 hash next time they log in.
  • We'll still be using .htaccess for in-product and a few other redirects probably through the end of Q1.
  • During Q1 we'll be updating the theme of the non-KB parts of the site to match the new KB. We're also adding better support for mobile devices.