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Bugs and Feature Requests

these are SUMO 1.3 bugs since our preview is running 1.3.1, some may already be fixed in SUMO 1.4

  1. NICE TO HAVE: remove "tiki", "tikiwiki", etc from all URLs. This is a NICE TO HAVE not MUST because public "anonymous user" URLs for the KB don't have tiki in them! The only exception is tags:
    1. e.g. should be
  2. NICE TO HAVE: insert product in KB URLs, should be:
  3. BUG: in my opinion if I only have a locale of en-US BUT I am admin, I should be able to translate to fr-FR and have the URLs correctly have fr instead of en-US which is the situation now
  4. MINOR BUT CONFUSING to USERS BUG: If I login as admin, the sidebar still shows "Log In" which I believe is a caching-related bug. (if you then click "Log In" it correctly says "Logged in as: admin")
  5. MINOR BUG PROBABLY FIXED in 1.4 - Titles of some pages e.g.*Firefox+Support+Home+Page have illegal characters i.e. asterisks
  6. MINOR BUG PROBABLY DUE TO IGNORANCE I can't change Firefox Support Page i.e.*Firefox+Support+Home+Page to Thunderbird Support Page. I can save it but then the change doesn't "stick" i.e. the page reverts back to Firefox Support Page even though "Save" gives no error message. Probably a better way (that I don't know about) to do this. I believe this is the better way: -> Wiki Home Page, change to Thunderbird Support Home Page, click "Set"
  7. MINOR BUG - "lib/ovelib.js}" displays in
  8. FEATURE REQUEST - a dashboard or sidebar link for "new articles waiting to be approved" similar to the existing "Edited articles ready for review"
  9. FEATURE REQUEST - a dashboard or sidebar link for "newly translated articles waiting to be approved" similar to the existing "Edited articles ready for review"
  10. FEATURE REQUEST - The tiki admin interface needs to be themed (sidebar long list of vertical links should be horizontal or better yet, javascript dropdowns like the menu you get from the Drupal 6 drupal administration menu module). It seems unthemed and archaic like Drupal 4.6 :-) I bet upgrading SUMO to be based on the latest version of Tikiwiki will fix most of this.


  1. Who is doing the Fennec SUMO skinning aka theming? Is it Silver Orange? More of a MoMo time/budget question: Can they do the (rudimentary) theming for MoMo?
  2. What is the decision with respect to the next version of SuMo? Fork? Upgrade to latest Tiki Wiki? Or something else. I vote for latest version of tikiwiki.
  3. Who can gozer talk to about: resource consumption and requirements for MoMo SUMO and SUMO traffic stats?
  4. How do I change right sidebar from "Firefox Support" to "Thunderbird Support" and change link to "Support Forum"? and in general change all links to "Thunderbird" - I thought it was a tiki module but couldn't find it.
  5. How do I change "Search the Knowledge Base" on the right sidebar to Thunderbird logo? - thought it was a tiki module but couldn't find it. Is it in mozkb.css?
  6. How do I add my picture to a KB page? I added a picture to and approved the change but it doesn't appear.

Notes and Observations

Official KB Workflow

What is the "official" workflow for creating Knowledge Base articles? I tried this and it works except for the POSSIBLE BUG below

  1. Login as non admin user, e.g. "RolandNonAdmin" and create KB page e.g.
  2. submit KB page to staging by leaving at default Category of "Staging Area" and clicking "Save"
  3. Logout by clicking "Log Out" on right sidebar
  4. Login as admin user
  5. Try to Approve the article using Waiting for Review Page: POSSIBLE BUG shouldn't it show up in: i.e. in the Waiting for Review page? Because it doesn't i.e. "0 objects in category Waiting for review" - this is not a bug according to stephend, new articles aren't in "waiting for review" - , ok, so where are new articles then :-) ? Shouldn't there be a dashboard or sidebar link for "new articles waiting to be approved"?
  6. Approve the article by going directly to its URL or by finding it via wiki "Last Changes", i.e. and then clicking on "Knowledge Base" and "This is a support/troubleshooting article" and then clicking "Save". This appears to work (gozer there's a white screen of death here but approving works maybe increase PHP memory?), thanks! - POSSIBLE BUG - Sometimes approving i.e. changing category to from 'Staging Area' to 'Knowledge Base' doesn't seem to stick. i.e. change KB article and click "Save" and then click edit and it's still 'Staging Area'
  7. Log Out
  8. And it works, I can see the approved page i.e. without being logged in!

Official Translation Workflow

What is the official Translation Workflow? Here's what I did that didn't work fully. By "not working fully" I mean logging in as admin i can't seem to approve a translation

  1. Logged in as non admin user e.g. RolandNonAdmin
  2. Created gmail in English & checked "This is a support/troubleshooting article"
  3. Log Out and then login as admin and approve and then Log Out and verify that article is visible to non logged in folks as
  4. and then click on "Translate this page"
  5. Logged in as RolandNonAdmin
  6. Select "French (Français, fr)" as "Select language to translate to:"
  7. Entered "Le gmail" for "Enter the article title"
  8. Clicked "Create translation"
  9. Entered a really bad translation:
    1. SVP configurez gmail avec les instructions suivantes Alors, faites le fun!
  10. clicked "Complete Translation", POSSIBLE BUG: URL doesn't have fr-FR, i.e. should be
  11. Logged out and confirmed that anonymous users can't see the translation in progress i.e.
  12. Login as admin, POSSIBLE BUG: no UI to find translation changes that have to be approved, should be a plugin or URL (e.g. a page similar to "Edited articles ready for review" for translated articles e.g. "Translated articles ready for review", searched but couldn't find anything there or elsewhere); translation dashboard plugin started but not finished in bug and 481306 and (workaround: is to use last changes at ) , approve the article (gozer again get WSOD but approving i.e. moving from staging to Knowledge Base appears to work)

Raw notes

to be polished and written up above

Creating a new KB article and Approving it

I. create as non admin

  1. Login as non admin e.g. RolandNonAdmin
  2. Create a new article e.g.
  3. Click "Create this page", add content, click Save and then the article is created

II. login in as admin and approve

  1. Login as admin
  2. Try to find a mechanism to be notified of new page that needs to be approved e.g. in this case find the roadrunner page a non admin user created in I.
    1. "MyWatches" doesn't seem to have a way to watch for "new wiki page creations" only, I only see "A user edited a wiki page" and "A user posts a forum thread", shouldn't there also be "A user posts a wiki page" ? or "A user posts a knowledge base article"?
    2. IMHO there should be a "New articles awaiting approval" similar to the existing "Edited articles ready for review"
    3. The only mechanism that seems to work is go directly to the URL with an asterisk in it, e.g. or
    4. find it via "Last Changes" e.g.
  3. via "Last Changes" go to the article "This is a new staging page that has not been approved before. Edit and manually move it to the category for approved pages to approve it for the first time. " and click "Edit this page", change "Categorize" from "Staging area" to "Knowledge Base", add a reason under "Describe the changes you made" and clicking "Save" and then I sproadically get WSOD but approval works - according to CWW this WSOD is a known issue - Laura "basically we think sometimes the security regexes take too long and the whole thing times out", - Reproduced it September 27 2009 22:35 PDT, captured headers witih HTTP Live Headers Firefox extension and updated bug 480415 comment 77:

Modifying an existing KB article and Approving the modification

Translating a KB article and approving the Translation


  1. Login in as a user whose locale is NOT en-US, e.g. rytfr
  2. and then click on "Translate this page"
  3. Select "French (Français, fr)" as "Select language to translate to:"
  4. Entered "Le yahoo" for "Enter the article title"
  5. Clicked "Create translation"
  6. Entered a really bad translation:
    1. Le POP va seulement avec Yahoo Mail plus, Les Settings: , etc :-)
  7. entered "première traduction" for "Describe the changes you made"
  8. clicked "Complete Translation" and it worked, perhaps because rytfr has locale set as fr-FR ?

Approving Translation

  1. login as admin with locale set to locale of the translation i.e. fr-FR e.g. rytfradmin
  2. Find page to be translated from "Dernières modifications" e.g. "Le yahoo" from
  3. -> Modifer cette page ""
  4. Change "Catégoriser" from "Staging Area" to "Knowledge Base"
  5. approve translation in "Describe the changes you made:"
  6. "Enregistrer" (also get WSOD) and it works, translated article is available