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This video is aimed at the folks on Get Satisfaction, who unlike the more technical folks on Bugzilla don't have a deep understanding of Open Source and Thunderbird. Here's the script that David Eaves and I have come with:

The video will be done in an informal style by David Ascher similar to the Mike Beltzner video about Firefox 3.6


  1. Welcome
  2. Who am I? (David Ascher, Thunderbird Project Lead)
  3. What is Thunderbird?
    1. Thunderbird is a FREE email client
    2. It is Open Source Software
  4. Who makes Thunderbird?
    1. A community of volunteers and small staff from Mozilla
    2. Two big implications:
      1. Most Contributors are volunteers i.e. are not paid!
        1. First, if you know a lot of about TB - we would love you to help contribute to offering support to users
        2. Contributors come and go and help out when they can
        3. Because it's free: no email, telephone or live support for end user support, documentation and software development
        4. Please be nice to contributors, they are mostly volunteers and... people
      2. YOU can be a contributor! HOW?
        1. Thank contributors who help you. Contribute to a positive tone in the community.
        2. Support others and help test and document the software
        3. Support, Documentation & Testing are "easy" but areas where the community needs the most contributors
        4. If you want to be more technical, consider contributing to QA and software development
  5. Thank you