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Thunderbird Support Day June 6, 2012

  • When: All day June 6, 2012
  • Where: TB13 support issues Etherpad based on support topics in the official Thunderbird Get Satisfaction Forum or your favourite unofficial Thunderbird Support Forum and optionally in IRC at, #tb-support-crew (if you don't have an IRC client installed, then try this web client: #tb-support-crew via the mibbit client ) - Roland Tanglao, the Thunderbird Technical Support Lead, will be monitoring the Etherpad and IRC 8a.m. Pacific - 4p.m Pacific with a break or two for lunch and coffee

Thunderbird 13 is going to be released June 5, 2012. Based on experience with prior releases, the first day after the release is when the support community finds the issues with that release. Hence having the support day on June 6 one day after the release on the 5th. There will also be another support day after the release of Thunderbird 14.

Therefore we are going to have a support day to try and collectively as a support community and more efficiently find these problems faster and help each other solve them.

Focus of June 6, 2012 support day is:

  1. Get a New Email Account issues:
    1. if they are Gandi related, please tag them gandi and tb13gandi
    2. if they are Hover related, please tag them hover and tb13hover
    3. if they are generic getANewAccount issues, please tag them getaNewAccount and tb13getaNewAccount
  2. Filelink issues:
    1. if are YouSendItRelated, please tag them yousendit and tb13yousendit
    2. if they are generic filelink issues, please tag them filelink and tb13filelink
  3. Finding exact Steps to reproduce "Disappearing Lightning Calendar Problems" so we can file bug(s) and hopefully make some progress on eliminating this problem (please tag them tb13lightning)

How to participate

  1. Upgrade To Thunderbird 13
  2. If you find an issue, search for the issue in your forum e.g. here's how to search in the Get Satisfaction Thunderbird forum. If you find the issue, post that link to the June 6, 2012 Thunderbird Support Day Etherpad. If you don't find the issue create a new support forum post and post that link to the June 6, 2012 Thunderbird Support Day Etherpad.
  3. If you have no issues, search your favourite Thunderbird Support forum e.g. search the Get Satisfaction Thunderbird support forum and if you can identify any hot TB 13 related issues, please add links to them on the June 6, 2012 Thunderbird Support Day Etherpad
    • If you are using Get Satisfaction, please tag topics as follows:
      • GetANewAccount, Gandi, Hover, Filelink, YouSendIt tag as per Focus of June 6, 2012 support day is: section above
      • tb13 for all tb13 related topics
      • tb13lightning for lightning related issues
      • tb13upgrade for upgrade related issues
      • tb13<fun_issue> where "<fun_issue>" is for anything else that we find!
  4. Try to solve the issue or find a workaround for the issue. If you do find a workaround or solution, please update the June 6, 2012 Thunderbird Support Day Etherpad
  5. If you can't find a solution or workaround, create a bug on bugzilla. If you don't know how to do that you can IRC rolandtanglao on or email rtanglao AT