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Next Thunderbird support day is October 10, 2012 the day after the TB 16 release on October 9, 2012.
  • TB 15 was released at noon Pacific time August 28, 2012
  • TB 15.0.1 was released on Monday September 10, 2012

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Thunderbird 15.0 issues

Please add any issues to this page using the tagging convention from the TB15 Support Day Etherpad. Use the following tags and any other relevant Get Satisfaction tags as appropriate: tb15, tb15upgrade,tb15ubuntuone,tb15im,tb15twitter,tb15irc,tb15gtalk,tb15xmpp,tb15compactloss

Not so minor

(not in order)

  1. bug 750569 - Compact Folders window appearing very frequently starting in TB12 - seems only to affect *some users'* POP and NNTP accounts (Roland and many others can't get this to reproduce on my IMAP and POP accounts; however many users *do* report this problem) - Super volunteer developer Kent James has a patch in progress.
  2. bug 789679 - Warning after reaching 4GB of folder size (even though bug 462665 was changed to FIXED after patch for bug 402392 was landed on Tb 12.0, warning about exceeding 4GB/2GB limit is still issued)
  3. Crash in nsHTMLEditor when forwarding email from PayPal occurs every time and in safe mode. - bug 780908 - fixed in TB15.0.1
  4. Abnormal memory requirements viewing plain-text mail leading to crash - bug 784286 - fixed in TB15.0.1
  5. Daily (apparently TB15 as well) hangs and leaks memory when trying to delete messages in the results of a filter search - bug 782899 - fixed in TB15.0.1
  6. Lightning 1.7 automatic update worked for most, didn't work for some but then the Provider for Google Calendar Add-on version 0.13 was incompatible with TB15 and 0.16 the TB15 compatible version wasn't available until a day after the release. Workaround:
    • install version Provider for Google Calendar 0.16 (Tools | Add-ons | Extensions | right/control click on "Provider for Google Calendar| Find Updates) OR
    • don't use Provider for Google Calendar. Lightning supports CalDav and Google Calendar supports CalDav. So just follow this HowTo on Google's support site: How to use Lightning with Google Calendar w/out Provider for Google Calendar
  7. IM issues:
    1. bug 789745 - Thunderbird can't connect to old XMPP servers that don't support SASL authentication, and only support the old authentication method that's been deprecated since 2006 Typical affected servers: jabberd14 (, iChat Server from Mac OS X 10.4 server - fixed in TB17
    2. bug 795078 - Contacts connected to Google Talk / XMPP with a resource that contains a quote are not shown as online by Thunderbird. - fixed in TB17
    3. People connecting to a server with a broken or self signed SSL certificate: workaround: i) self signed: add it to the Thunderbird NSS cert store and "Edit Trust..." to add the cert to the trusted list ii) broken cert: sysadmin should fix the cert! BUG: need better error message than ""Server closed connection""
    4. People who misconfigured their XMPP account with an invalid username. (a correct username looks like an email address), bug 786684 was filed again for a better error message than:
      • Error: NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_JS_OBJECT: 'TypeError: match[1] is undefined' when calling method [prplIAccount::connect] Source File: resource:///components/imAccounts.js Line: 620
    5. People using XMPP servers that really require DNS SRV support which is bug 14328 (a long standing platform bug!) - these servers are rare but they do exist; no workaround until bug 14328 is fixed!
    6. People attempting to connect to - NOT A THUNDERBIRD bug, appears that the server is under a DDOS attack
    7. Some people getting disconnected from Google Talk after a successful authentication, downloading the contact list, and sending their vCard, bug 775977 - NOT A THUNDERBIRD BUG! - update from Florian 5Oct2012: "We finally identified the cause of the issue. This happens for users who have one contact who has iTeleport ( installed. This broken piece of software broadcasts invalid XML (that's a bug on iTeleport's side) and the Google Talk servers relay it (that's a serious bug on Google's side; I emailed Google to see if we can get google to discuss this bug. The behavior of Thunderbird in this case (closing the connection) is what the XMPP specification says we should do. I know some other clients are able to ignore the invalid XML and continue parsing the following data. Up to now my attempts to convince the Mozilla XML parser to resume parsing after receiving such junk have failed."
    8. Twitter sometimes stops sending us new tweets in the stream, bug 786404 - seems to be reproducible if you put the machine to sleep - WORKAROUND - go offline and then back online
    9. OpenFire server doesn't follow XMPP standard for digest-MD5 authentication - it's a popular server so Florian is coding a workaround for a future release in bug 787046 - (assuming OpenFire doesn't fix it quickly) - WORKAROUND: get server administrator to disable the DIGEST-MD5 authentication method in OpenFire's configuration - fixed in TB15.0.1
    10. bug 791212 - Putting a value with more than 60 characters in the "Tracked keywords" field of a Twitter account prevents it from getting connected. Tracked in bug 791212, but displaying a correct error message will require a new string, probably won't be fixed in TB17
  8. IM Feature requests:
    1. support for AIM, MSN, Yahoo (libpurple add-on could fix this or bug 761986 for MSN only) - Fixed with an add-on for TB15,16 and 17: From Florian "A binary add-on offering support for more chat protocols has been released: This add-on adds support for the AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, GroupWise,ICQ, MSN, MySpaceIM, Netsoul, SIMPLE, Sametime and Yahoo! instantmessaging protocols."
    2. distinct audio and visual notifications GS,
    3. off the record support bug 788153
    4. the ability to delete the content of a particular chat session so they don't show up in Thunderbird search and there's no record on your computer GS bug 788145


The following is an incomplete list of add-ons that have issues in Thunderbird 15. Please add to this list add-ons that have issues and if you find an add-on has been updated and works with Thunderbird, please strike it out using <del></del>

(not in order,numbered for convenience)

  1. Zindus is compatible with TB15; Zindus [GS]) and Exchange add-ons incompatible with TB15 - did we change an API or do they have binary components?
  2. Norton flags Lightning DLL calbasecomps.dll because it isn't signed and then this stops Thunderbird from working with Lightning - WORKAROUND - disable Norton, re-install Lightning REAL WORKAROUND - get that DLL signed, requires MoCo build resources and certificate?!? [GS] - please tag these topics tb15norton - ongoing issue since TB13! - I'll investigate and email Norton *again* if necessary
  3. Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar and Tasks Provider not working with Thunderbird 15 [GS], [bug report 132 - experimental version available in bug 132 - WORKAROUND - get it from github: "In branch e4xReplacement in the github repository ( you can follow the progress."
  4. Thunderbird 15 with Lightning 7 doesn't work with Zimbra caldav calendars... The WORKAROUND to problem is disable the zimbra calendar cache or go back to Thunderbird 14 + Lightning 6 and disable the TB automatic updates... Is there any patch on the way for this??? - from Roland - Jvanreck, if you are technical, please file a bug in bugzilla, I've asked the Lightning team to take a look since I believe I was able to reproduce the problem with Mozilla Zimbra Caldav calendars (Zimbra ICS calendars do work for me)

August 28, 2012

not in order

  1. Provider for Google Calendar incompatible with TB 15, need to upgrade to Provider for Google Calendar 0.16 which wasn't approved until August 29. [GS], bug 786640
  2. Norton flags Lightning DLL calbasecomps.dll because it isn't signed and then this stops Thunderbird from working with Lightning - WORKAROUND - disable Norton, re-install Lightning REAL WORKAROUND - get that DLL signed, requires MoCo build resources and certificate?!? [GS] - please tag these topics tb15norton
  3. Home Calendar was unchecked after TB14/Lightning1.6 to TB15/Lightning 1.7 upgrade - [GS]

Wed August 29, 2012

not in order

  1. Missing Menu bar ongoing issue since at least TB12: Workdaround as always: check: View|Toolbars | Menu bar This points to a UX issue that should be fixed on Windows (doesn't seem to affect Mac and Linux) - please tag these topics tb15missingmenubar
  2. Google Contacts add-on leaks memory, 1.4GB - [GS], please tag these topics tb15googlecontacts
  3. 1 report of Can't setup facebook, google talk and twitter im account: [GS1], please tag these topics tb15imsetup - doubt this is a real problem
  4. Feature requests for IM: add off the record (please tag these topics tb15otr) and add the ability to delete chats (please tag these topics tb15imdelete) and add distinct sounds (please tag these topics tb15imalerts)
  5. Complaints about Australis i.e. the new interface, please tag these topics tb15australis
  6. Exchange add-on works in TB 14 but doesn't work in TB15? (did it fail the automatic add-on bump? or does it have a binary component?) - please tag these topics tb15exchange
  7. Saved Search folders disappeared after upgrading to TB15? - please tag these topics tb15savedsearch - not convinced this is really a bug
  8. 1 report of gcal 0.16 causing a hang - please tag these topics tb15gcalhang, [gs]
  9. praise: [gs1]
  10. Zindus is broken in TB15?!? - please tag these topics tb15zindus - [gs] - Did it fail version bump? Does it also have a binary component like Lightning (and possibly the Exchange add-on?)
  11. 1 report of emails not being sent to meeting invitees by Lightning - please tag these topics tb15lightningemail
  12. 1 report of quicktext add-on not being compatible with TB15?!? - please tag these topics tb15quicktext

Thu August 30, 2012

not in order

Fri August 31, 2012

Sat September 1, 2012

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